Mar 11 - 12, 2015

"I am excited to take part in my first New York State IT Leadership Academy. I am a strong advocate of professional development and encourage it among all our IT leaders. Personally, I always strive to challenge myself and reach beyond my comfort zone. It forces me to learn and grow my skills. I believe it helps keep a leader sharp, up-to-date, and sets a good example for everyone we lead. This year’s Academy presents a wonderful agenda to challenge your thinking, to help innovate your work, and to provide an opportunity to collaborate with your peers. I encourage you all to attend. I sincerely look forward to building new relationships and getting to know the state’s IT leadership and our business partners."  

- Margaret Miller, NYS Chief Information Officer and Director of the NYS Office of Information Technology Services.



Successful Government IT leaders must know how to engage with their customers effectively (in a way that leads to satisfied customers and successful business outcomes); they must know how to engage with their staff constructively (in a way that leads to staff that feel both challenged and rewarded); they must know how to engage with their vendors collaboratively (in a way that enables IT to provide the most cost-effective solutions to their business customers); they must know how to engage with their peers collegially (in a way that enables the sharing of ideas and solutions to make government more effective); and finally, they must understand the effect of their collaborations on the constituents – the ultimate consumers of government services.

Wednesday, March 11


7:30 am

Registration and Morning Refreshments


8:45 am

Opening Remarks

Margaret Miller, Chief Information Officer, New York State


9:15 am

Opening Keynote - Communicating the Right Way – It’s Not Just What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Anthony Huey, Owner, Reputation Management Associates

Communication skills are constantly being judged by others, often subconsciously. How you communicate in everything from casual conversations to formal presentations can be the difference between success and failure. Don’t miss what is often your only opportunity to connect and leave a lasting impression. Learn to think quickly, take control, and effectively communicate your message to a wide variety of audiences including customers, vendors, internal staff, boards, management, community partners, the news media, and even elected officials.

10:15 am



10:45 am



Tongue-Tied: Communicating Your Way to Greater Success

Communication.  It sounds so easy, right?  We’ve been doing it since we were born.  But so many problems in organizations today boil down to what the warden told Paul Newman in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke: “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.”
The truth is that effective communication is a set of skills that need to be developed and continually honed.  Improving your ability to effectively communicate is one of the single best ways to improve your chances for success and opportunities for growth.
This session will cover a variety of communication techniques that will help you be more effective with your bosses, your staff, your colleagues, organizational stakeholders, and the public.   And because two-way communications is important, the audience will be contributing in groups as well.

Anthony Huey, Owner, Reputation Management Associates


IT Past, Present, and Future

This session will take you through a brief journey of the history of IT (remember Data Processing and Computer Science?) to demonstrate how technology has evolved and transformed the business. We will also give you a glimpse at the incredible possibilities for the future. 

Technology topics include:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure;
  • Software-defined data center (SDDC): a vision for IT infrastructure that extends virtualization concepts such as abstraction, pooling, and automation to all of the data center’s resources and services to achieve IT as a service (ITaaS).
  • What’s in the “Labs”:  next generation of computers

Introductory Speaker & Moderator:
John Norton, Chief Information Officer, Human Services Cluster, New York State

Joe Batista, Director & Chief Creatologist, HP
Justin Hodgson, Business Development Manager, Smart Connected Cities & Communities Team, Cisco
Ganesh Padmanabhan, Senior Director of EmergingTechnology Strategy, Dell

Government Re-Invented – How Experience Changes Everything

Apple, Google, Instagram and other consumer technology leaders have proven that simple, well designed, digital experiences change the relationship of people to technology - moving technology to its more effective role as an enabler rather than being the primary focus. To be optimally effective with New York State services, digital interactions need to be consciously designed to deliver excellent experiences to citizens, businesses, and employees.

How do you adapt to an "experience" mindset across existing and emerging services? What new opportunities and challenges does this shift provide? What techniques that were used in designing the new NY.GOV website can you leverage in your application “experience” strategy?

Kishor Bagul, Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology Services, New York State
Jeff Bell, Senior Manager of Solution Consulting – National Government Solutions, Adobe
Luke Charde, Enterprise Architect, Web Platform, Information Technology Services, New York State
Nate Crocker, Principal Enterprise Architect, CA
Dan Katz, Technical Director for Public Sector, Acquia


12:00 pm



1:00 pm

Lunch Keynote

Getting Beyond Great! How to Achieve Extraordinary Results!

Joe Contrera, President & Founder, ALIVE@WORK

In today’s fast-faced world, simply being average isn’t going to get you anywhere.  Don’t settle for “just good enough.” If you want to compete in today’s global economy, you, your people and your organization need to be extraordinary!

In this dynamic employee empowerment presentation, Joe will reveal:

  • Why some people (and companies) get stuck being “average.”
  • How to sustain long-term change and success.
  • How you and your people might actually be creating the exact opposite of the results you want.
  • How to shift the results you’re getting to the results you want.


2:00 pm



2:30 pm



Services, Platforms and Clouds…oh my!

XaaS or “anything as a service” is the delivery of IT as a service through hybrid cloud computing and is a reference to either one or a combination of software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), communications as a service (CaaS), monitoring as a service (Maas), or any of a growing list of as a service services. Much hype surrounds these technologies and there is lot of shaking out to do, but in the meantime, there are real benefits to be seen by business, “customers,” tax payers, and even IT…NOW!

Introductory Speaker:
Kishor Bagul, Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology Services, New York State

John Norton, Chief Information Officer, Human Services Cluster, New York State


John Cummins, Senior Engagement Director of Professional Services – National Government Solutions, Adobe
Jeff Katzen, Director, Cloud Services Practice, CenturyLink
Yanek Korff, Vice President, FireEye as a Service


Government agencies need to clearly define and operationalize the organizational roles needed to meet the needs of its citizens, businesses, and communities. The New York State Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) faces the challenge to engage with the agencies it supports with resources that know their business.  Those personnel, customer relationship managers (CRMs), need to be competent across many disciplines (organizationally, technologically and skill enabled) to translate agency requirements into meaningful delivery plans.  This session will discuss:

  • how these needs have been met in ITS and other government organizations;
  • necessary resources that can enhance insight and connection with the business it supports;
  • skill sets required for people embracing this role;
  • how the principle of customer service could be embraced across the organization.

Introductory Speaker:
Kim McKinney, Chief Information Officer, Transportation and Economic Development Cluster, New York State

Robert Pennacchia, Chief Information Officer, Health Cluster, New York State

Thomas Behan, ITS Manager CRM, Transportation and Economic Development Cluster, New York State
Rae Bascue, ITS Manager & Lean Empire Belt, Transportation and Economic Development Cluster, New York State
John Gamberoni, Managing Director, Accenture
Kumar Rachuri, Director for Healthcare Innovation, Adobe National Government Solutions


NY Getting Lean But Not Mean

NY State Leaders in the NYS Lean Program will present specifics on the current structure and process for Lean initiatives across the NYS enterprise. The NYS Lean vision includes a concentrated approach to training agency staff in Lean concepts and supporting them as they identify project opportunities for “lean-ing”. Support includes providing the framework and structure for executing a Lean initiative and facilitating the engagement and solutioning process with the agency staff.  Agency leaders will present case studies of Lean Project success stories so that the audience can compare and contrast the different approaches/outcomes.

Joan Sullivan, Executive Director, NYS Forum, New York State

Erika Choi, Lean Program Manager, Executive Chamber, New York State
Theresa Egan, Deputy Commissioner, Department of Motor Vehicles, New York State
Chad Loshbaugh, Deputy Commissioner of Administration, State Liquor Authority, New York State
Karen Tyler, Director of Business Services Center, Office of General Services, New York State

3:45 pm



4:00 pm

The NY IT Leadership Academy Awards Program and Reception

This is the Premier Awards Ceremony for New York’s IT Leadership community.  Network with your colleagues and discuss technology solutions with the event sponsors.

Thursday, March 12

8:00 am

Registration and Morning Refreshments


9:00 am

Opening Remarks


9:15 am

Opening Keynote

Innovating Every Day

Holly G. Green, CEO and Managing Director, The Human Factor, Inc.

Your biggest threat may not be changing markets or new technologies. It’s what you think you know and what made you successful to date.  In today’s chaotic markets, unlearning has become just as important as learning.  What are you still relying on that no longer applies to today’s business world?  What is getting in your way because it used to work?  This session will show you how to uncover the “thought bubbles” floating around in your head that keep you stuck in the past.  Then she’ll teach you how to get unstuck, replace the old with the new, and stay focused to get the results you want.  It’s not easy.  It is possible.

10:15 am



10:45 am



Creating a Security Aware and Resilient Organization

Using an incident scenario (story), this session will help you to explore and better understand what steps and actions your organization needs to take to help prepare for, prevent, detect, and respond rapidly and effectively to the event.  It will focus on three themes:

  • Incident response preparedness
  • Building and procuring secure solutions (security by design architecture, engineering,  procurement)
  • Building a security-aware culture –shaping and maintaining the policies and behaviors of an enduring organization

Deborah Snyder, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Information Technology Services, New York State

Bill Billings, CISSP, Security Strategist – U.S. Public Sector Cyber Team, HP
Mike Dorsey, Executive Director, Global Security, Dell
Hal Gangnath, Senior Managing Consultant & Service Area Manager, Cybersecurity and Privacy, IBM
Ken Kaminski, BYOD & Network Security Technical Solutions Architect, Cisco
Brad Kramer, Senior Business Technology Architect, CA Technologies
Randy Lee, Senior Solutions Architect, FireEye
Jackson Thomas, Public Sector Sales Consulting, Oracle


The Workforce Challenge: Finding, Retaining, and Building Staff in the Evolving Technology Environment

This session will focus on finding, retaining, and building staff.  We will start by introducing a new program that involves private and public sector entities partnering with the State University system to build a new pipeline of talent. You will then hear panelists discuss how to create an environment of skills development and a culture that values the skills of staff. The purpose and desired outcomes of this session include:

  • Make people aware of the strategic opportunities that are possible through partnerships, internships and communications.
  • Highlight the ways that organizations adapt to changing demographics and technology with emphasis on new skills.
  • Explore ways that managers can help retain and recruit staff in an environment without leverage of pay increases.

Bob Loomis, Chief Information Officer & Deputy Comptroller, Office of the Comptroller, New York State

Steve Adler, Enterprise Service Organization, NYU
Bob Liebowitz, Regional Vice President, State & Local Government – East, Adobe
Bridget Nuss, WebCenter Sales Manager, Oracle
Jennifer Walden, Management Consulting, Talent & Organization Practice, Accenture


Agile – What Can It Do For You?

The private industry has predominantly used Agile methodologies for years, but government still struggles to effectively leverage Agile methods. The pace of development is continuing to accelerate, and the trend toward shared services and modernization puts even more strain on traditional methodologies. This session looks at current thinking about how, when, and why an Agile approach can be the most effective and practical way to go.

You will hear first-hand with real examples how Agile methodologies have been helping private and governmental organizations. Agile is more than just the standard SCRUM project management approach. This session will explore what’s in the Agile toolbox and how it can be tailored to New York State Government.

Art Schloth, Chief Information Officer, Public Safety, Information Technology Services, New York State

Jason Mellein, Director, Pivotal Labs, Washington, D.C. (An EMC Federation Company)
Rick Slade, Executive Consultant, RATIONAL Software, IBM


12:00 pm



12:50 pm

Ignite: Technologies of the Future

You don’t want to miss our featured ignite session! You will get a glimpse of the future from passionate expert speakers on THE MOST IMPORTANT TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES THAT WILL IMPACT THE FUTURE OF GOVERNMENT! These fast paced 5 minute presentations will feature topics such as the Digital Citizen, Watson Advisor, Printing & Personal Devices, Security Advancements, the Application Economy and more.

View Ignite presentation Youtube video here


2:10 pm



2:30 pm

General Session

Relationship Building… Key to Your Success as a Leader

One of the essential keys to success as a CIO or Technology Leader is to build successful symbiotic relationships with your CEO and fellow “C” Suite executives.  This session will show BY EXAMPLE how to form an effective relationship with your top executives and the positive impact on transforming your agency’s business.

Jerry Boone, Commissioner, Department of Civil Service, New York State
Hamza Jahangir, Senior Director, Enterprise Architecture, Oracle North America Public Sector
Kumar Rachuri, Director for Healthcare Innovation, Adobe National Government Solutions
Robert Vasko, Chief Information Officer, Disabilities & Aging Cluster, New York State


3:30 pm

Executive Reception

Everyone is invited!  Please join in networking with your peers over refreshments.

Conference times, agenda, and speakers are subject to change.