Jul 21 - 22, 2015


Tuesday, July 21


8:00 am



9:00 am

Welcome and Introductions

Alan Cox, Senior Vice President, Public CIO


9:30 am

Security in a World of No Perimeters

Adoption of enterprise class cloud services is gaining rapidly in government as organizations move to leverage the scale, efficiency and architectural benefits of the cloud.   The federal government and many states and localities have now embraced a “Cloud First" policy of record. Yet how can the cloud journey be travelled while ensuring security and privacy of data with increased access to enterprise applications from mobile devices and other cloud services? Most experts believe the hackers are already in your networks so the “new perimeter” focuses on the security intelligence and services that can prevent unauthorized data from leaving your organization. Best practices from corporations and governments will be presented in this interactive session.

Jon Fyffe, Director, State, Local, & Education, Skyhigh Networks
Tim Robyn, Chief Information Officer, State of Missouri


10:30 am



10:45 am

Citizens and Portals – What are they Saying?

There is a lot of new research on what citizen’s want from their government’s web portal – applications, information…?  There is also new research on the costs and benefits of portals and their on-line applications.  This session will include a synopsis of the research and a discussion of what it means. The goal will be to see how your organization’s portal strategy measures up to what citizens are asking for and what is proving to be true about ROI.

Chris Neff, Vice President of Marketing, NIC
Mark VanOrden, Chief Information Officer, State of Utah


11:45 pm



1:00 pm

Data Information Governance – Does that Make You Yawn?

Information governance has always been lurking the background as an important issue.  As the digital age has evolved, many issues have shown themselves – data storage, information security, open records requests for digital information…  The one that will prove to be the most difficult to overcome is enterprise information governance. Information Governance is simply knowing what information you have, where it is and what you need to do with it. In other words, the ability to control the acquisition, management, retention and disposal of all information – both structured and unstructured – within your organization. Ready to talk?

Louis Carr – Chief Information Officer, Clark County, NV


2:00 pm



2:15 pm

Ford Motor Company – An American Icon

Ford is one of the great American success stories of entrepreneurial spirit, worldwide recognition and global competition. When they emerged from near bankruptcy during the recession, it was looked on as an amazing example of business leadership in the modern age. We are fortunate to have the Chief Information Officer of Ford with us for this summer’s event. Marcy Klevorn began her career at Ford in 1983 and has held numerous roles both in the US and abroad. Marcy will give a short overview of Ford and the role that IT plays in their business and then engage in a spirited Q&A with our attendees.

Teri Takai, former CIO at the DoD, State of California and State of Michigan
Marcy Klevorn, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Ford Motor Company


3:15 pm

Future-proof Network Infrastructure

As the Internet continues its transformation from a web of information to a web of connected people and things, the bar keeps rising for designing networks and systems that are up to the task. Wireless access, smart devices, convergence and ubiquitous sensors present both challenges and unprecedented opportunities. This session focuses on game-changing innovations and advances in connectivity to help keep the bottlenecks at bay.


4:15 pm

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Meet in Lobby for Transportation to Dinner


6:30 pm

Cocktails and Dinner


Wednesday, July 22


8:30 am



9:00 am

How Many Chiefs does it Take to…? CIO/CTO/CDO

There has been a wave of titles being thrown about in technology circles to address a variety of perceived holes in the repertoire of the incumbent Chief Information Officer – Innovation, Data, Technology… What does this mean? In some areas, one can see that an Innovation Officer can be at odds with an Information Officer if the roles are aimed at protecting the data center vs. innovating out of it. Some discussions focus on where should all these people report and what should their duties and coordination activities be? With this session, we can share some thoughts on this from those who have dipped their toes in the water and see what others are thinking about as they wrestle for relevance amid these new or different titles.

David Behen, Chief Information Officer, State of Michigan
Samir Saini, Chief Information Officer, City of Atlanta



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10:15 am

Open Discussion on Topics of Interest


11:30 am



12:00 pm

End of Summit


Conference times, agenda, and speakers are subject to change.