Jun 11, 2015

"I am very excited about the 12th Annual Tennessee Digital Government Summit! The Summit is the premier event in Tennessee for bringing government leaders together to focus on how technology can help us address the challenge of improving the efficiencies of government services while improving services to our citizens. The Summit provides the ideal  forum for us to meet and discuss our common challenges, share best practices, network with our government and industry peers and have fun learning about new technologies and ideas. I encourage your attendance and look forward to seeing you there."   

- Mark Bengel, Chief Information Officer, State of Tennessee


Thursday, June 11


7:30 am

Registration and Morning Refreshments

8:45 am

Opening Remarks

Mark Bengel, Chief Information Officer, State of Tennessee


9:00 am

Opening Keynote – Find Your Voice

Jim Meskimen, Master Impressionist and Communication Coach

Today’s culture emphasizes the value of teamwork and collaboration, sometimes at the expense of the individual. This is particularly true in the IT arena where you can sometimes find yourself stereotyped, or even worse, not taken seriously by potential stakeholders. What good are insights and solutions if your words get lost in the crowd? You need to make sure that you’re heard! Jim Meskimen has spent the past 25 years studying the most famous, creative and interesting people in modern times. In this fascinating and amusing session, Jim discusses – and illustrates – the traits and methods used by some of the best and most charismatic communicators in the world. Don’t settle for being “one of the crowd”. YOU have a unique identity. YOU have a voice!


10:00 am



10:30 am




The Untethered Workplace

Work is no longer a place people go to – an address. It is what they do from any location. With the proliferation of mobile technology, professionals can now work from home, on the road, or elsewhere. Forbes reports that already over a billion people are untethered from their desks. Tennessee’s Department of Human Resources has an official policy that promotes Telework for qualifying State employees to support a productive and performance-driven workplace. Such changes can be liberating for today’s workforce but they challenge our very traditional workplace culture. This session addresses the strategic necessities for considering alternative work arrangements which lead to the untethered workplace.

John Finucane, Product Manager, US Cellular
Ernie C. Ricketts, Ph.D., SPHR Organizational Development Director, Department of Human Resources, State of Tennessee


Big Data and the Internet of Things enabling Smart Cities

The term Smart Cities has received much publicity and notoriety, but what does it really mean and how can your community get started? This session provides a blend of what the vision of smart cities COULD be with a REAL WORLD view of what’s happening around the country.  Panel members will discuss what can and is being done today, where they have found initial successes and the real value proposition (benefits & beneficiaries) of Smart City projects.

Lisa Ung, Consultant, Big Data Practice, WWT 



Mobility – Better Ways to Service Citizens and Staff

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly the device of choice, replacing desktops, televisions, landlines, game consoles, GPS devices, and live personal interaction.  The reality is that mobility is king. This session discusses the business uses of mobile technologies and the most important factors to consider when developing or utilizing mobile tools and apps, both internal- and external-facing.

Ryan Hughes, Cloud Services Executive, Unisys


Agile – What Can It Do For You?

The private industry has predominantly used agile methodologies for years, but government still struggles to effectively leverage agile methods. The pace of development is continuing to accelerate, and the trend toward shared services and modernization puts even more strain on traditional methodologies. This session looks at current thinking about how, when, and why an Agile approach can be the most effective and practical way to go.

You will hear first-hand with real examples how Agile methodologies have been helping private and governmental organizations. Agile is more than just the standard SCRUM project management approach. This session will explore what’s in the agile toolbox and how it can be tailored to Government.

David Dahle, President & General Manager, NIC – Tennessee Information Division
Joe Kirk, Chief Information Officer, Department of Transportation, State of Tennessee


11:30 am



12:30 pm

Breach! When Bad Things Happen to Good People (and Their Organizations)

Cyber security is the new front line of financial crime and social upheaval. It is the new Wild West, with hackers divided among the "white hats" and "black hats." Stage coach and bank robberies of old have been replaced by heists of personally identifiable information from major retailers, insurers and governments. Political protests are increasingly taking the form of denial-of-service attacks by so-called “hactivists” to disrupt the normal order of things. Such things can and do happen anywhere, and everybody has a role in preventing, preparing for, and responding to cyber threats. This interactive session unpacks key lessons and learnings from real-life cases with the help of a panel of local experts and engaged audience members.

Moderator: Maureen Torncello, National Director, Government Technology

Scott Augenbaum, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI
Robert Knight, Principal Architect – Security Consulting, AT&T
Robert Myles, CISSP, CISM, National Practice Manager, State & Local Government, U.S. Programs and Alliances, Symantec

View Presentation here. 


1:30 pm



1:50 pm




System Reset: Rebooting for Change

Upon a leader communicating change to employees, did you ever hear, "When are we ever going to stop changing things?" How about, "This has worked fine for years, why are we changing it now?" How about, "Why can't they leave well enough alone?" Have you ever heard, “Don’t worry about these changes; this administration will be gone soon enough.” These expressions reflect symptoms of not only employees resisting change, but more importantly, leaders potentially not fulfilling their responsibility in communicating change. This presentation has been designed to help leaders communicate change and create an environment where employees overcome resistance and everyone learns how to embrace change. Common sense says, if employees are good at resisting change, a leader needs to be just as effective in getting them to embrace change.

Trish Holliday, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Assistant Commissioner & Chief Learning Officer, Department of Human Resources, State of Tennessee



UAS – A New Frontier?

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. UAS is emerging as a hot topic for technologists and enthusiasts around the world and is enabling many innovative business models. LOGITT is pleased to host this session to inform you about UAS activities taking place in Middle Tennessee, about a model for providing public insight and awareness, and how FAA regulations are shaping up to govern how the units can be used.

Robert T. (Bob) Bibb, Executive Director, Middle TN Industrial Development Association (MDTIDA)
Lt. Gen. John Castellaw, (Retired), President and CEO, FarmSpace Systems
James E. Mackler, Bone McAllester Norton PLLC
Brian Robertson, Chief Information Officer, Rutherford County Government




Open Data – What it Really Means to Be Transparent

An open data future is one in which new information is available for decision-making, but also one in which transformative ideas are made possible. Simply making data available to the public isn’t enough, it has to be useful, which requires a sensible approach based on the agency releasing it, the kind of data being released, rules of compliance, the means of delivery and the targeted audience. Key questions include: Is there a difference between open data and open government? Which is the highest priority: external or internal data sharing? What are the most important considerations when setting up an open data program? This session discusses the trends, issues and opportunities facing government today.

Keith Durbin, Chief Information Officer/Director of Information Technology, Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County


Sponsor Briefing (2:00 pm – 2:40 pm) 

(Industry sponsors only.) This informal discussion will focus on strategies, priorities, opportunities and the procurement process.

Mark Bengel, Chief Information Officer, State of Tennessee


2:50 pm



3:10 pm 

General Session

A Seat at the Table… Key to Your Success as a Leader

One of the essential keys to success as leader is to build successful symbiotic relationships with your CEO and fellow “C” Suite executives. This session will show BY EXAMPLE how to build effective relationships with your top executives and the positive impact on transforming your agency’s business. You will hear a success story from the Tennessee Department of Transportation how they have broken down silos and transformed their enterprise.

Leighanne Haynes, Director Organizational Quality and Performance Management, Office for Information Resources, State of Tennessee

Joe Galbato, Chief Financial Officer, Department of Transportation, State of Tennessee
Joe Kirk, Chief Information Officer, Department of Transportation, State of Tennessee
John Schroer, Commissioner, Department of Transportation, State of Tennessee


3:50 pm


Network with your colleagues and discuss technology solutions with the event exhibitors.


Conference times, agenda, and speakers are subject to change.