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Jun 25 - 26, 2015

"Please join me at the Texas Digital Government Summit on June 25 and 26, 2015 . The Summit has a new location this year at the Hyatt Regency Austin!   The Summit is known for its tradition of compelling keynote speakers and thought provoking educational sessions addressing the most important topics that we face as technology leaders in government.  The Summit is also an excellent opportunity for state and local governments to engage in discussions, share best practices, and recognize the annual Best of Texas Award recipients. I encourage you to attend what has traditionally become one of the best technology events in Texas. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!"

- Todd Kimbriel , Interim Executive Director, Texas Department of Information Resources , State of Texas



Thursday, June 25


8:00 am

Registration and Morning Refreshments


9:00 am

Opening Remarks

Todd Kimbriel, Interim Executive Director, Department of Information Resources, State of Texas


9:15 am

Opening Keynote – Find Your Voice

Jim Meskimen, Master Impressionist and Communication Coach

Today’s culture emphasizes the value of teamwork and collaboration, sometimes at the expense of the individual. This is particularly true in the IT arena where you can sometimes find yourself stereotyped, or even worse, not taken seriously by potential stakeholders. What good are insights and solutions if your words get lost in the crowd? You need to make sure that you’re heard! Jim Meskimen has spent the past 25 years studying the most famous, creative and interesting people in modern times. In this fascinating and amusing session, Jim discusses – and illustrates – the traits and methods used by some of the best and most charismatic communicators in the world. Don’t settle for being “one of the crowd”. YOU have a unique identity. YOU have a voice!


10:15 am



10:45 am



Replenishing the Workforce

The IT landscape is dramatically changing. Trends like mobility, cloud computing, social media, big data… are all game-changers and the shortage of IT workers and impending baby boomer retirements make staffing government increasing more challenging. This session focuses on new models for staffing government including managed outsourcing, sustainable apprenticeships and successful internship programs and the future of STEM education initiatives for new ways for recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce.

Making Your Business Smarter Through Data Analytics

Government agencies have no shortage of data from which to extract useful insights. This session looks at creative ways to capitalize on existing data to uncover anomalies, drive smarter decisions and expand your sphere of influence and how to approach your individual data / analytics initiatives without breaking the bank. It will take a look at the myths and realities of big data, and cover new terms & technologies such as HDFS, Hadoop, NoSql, Data Lake, Data Reservoir, etc.


State of the Internet

As the Internet continues its transformation from a web of information to a web of connected people and things, the bar keeps rising for designing networks and systems that are up to the task. Wireless, smart devices, convergence and ubiquitous sensors present both challenges and unprecedented opportunities. This session focuses on game-changing innovations and advances that are changing the way we live, work and play


Breach! When Bad Things Happen to Good People (and Their Organizations)

Cyber security is the new front line of financial crime and social upheaval. It is the new Wild West, with hackers divided among the "white hats" and "black hats." Stage coach and bank robberies of old have been replaced by heists of personally identifiable information from major retailers, insurers and governments. Political protests are increasingly taking the form of denial-of-service attacks by so-called “hactivists” to disrupt the normal order of things. Such things can and do happen anywhere, and everybody has a role in preventing, preparing for, and responding to cyber threats. This interactive session unpacks key lessons and learnings from real-life cases with the help of a panel of local experts and engaged audience members.


12:00 pm



1:00 pm

Lunch Keynote – State Contract Reform

Texas state and local government is abuzz about the new contracting legislation, what it means and what the future implications will be for modifying the state contracting process. This session will be a frank discussion to help you understand the impact that legislation will have on your organization in the areas of planning, procurement, contract formation and new oversight measures.


2:00 pm



2:30 pm



The Untethered Workplace

Work is no longer a place people go to. It is something they do. Never before in modern times have workers had so much autonomy over their work days. With the proliferation of mobile technology, professionals can now work from home, on the road, or elsewhere. Forbes reports that already over a billion people are untethered from their desks and Texas agencies more and more are promoting Telework for qualifying State employees to support a productive and performance-driven State workplace. That’s liberating for today’s workforce but challenges our traditional workplace status quo and we are seeing some companies bringing their employees back to the mothership. This session provides practical advice on best tools and practices for managing and working in an untethered environment.


Cloud – What’s Next? 

This session explores where government has been and where it is going with Cloud technologies.  Cloud “experts” will focus on the cloud from three perspectives:

  • Security - How to feel secure in the cloud
  • Value Creation - How do you deliver on schedule, within budget and scope
  • Innovation – Including a discussion on public clouds, private (enterprise shared services) cloud, infrastructure as a service, software as a service and new service offerings.


What to Expect from the New Contracting Legislation

As a follow up to the lunch keynote on the new contracting legislation, this session will dive deep into the legislation and its implications to further your understanding of the legislation, answer your questions and help you to implement and comply with the new regulations in your organization.


You Never Know How Connected You are Until You’re Not – A Conversation on Being Prepared

Most of us don’t deal directly with the ins and outs of disaster recovery and continuity, but when a disaster happens, the best laid plans are challenged and dynamic.  Recent disasters have shown more than ever the critical role of technology in ensuring public safety and continuity of government operations. Along with significant advances in tools and technologies, the growing use of partnerships and shared services is opening the door to exciting possibilities. This interactive dialog on disaster planning and business continuity draws on the expertise of organizations that have faced various types and levels of incidents.


Sponsor Briefing

(2:45 pm – 3:30 pm - Industry sponsors only.)


3:45 pm

Executive Reception

Network with your colleagues and discuss technology solutions with the event sponsors.


Friday, June 26


8:00 am

Registration and Morning Refreshments


9:00 am

Keynote – Disruptive Innovation in Government

Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation Officer, e.Republic

Dustin Haisler will enlighten you about the emerging trends and technologies that are disrupting the way citizens interact with businesses and government agencies in their communities. He will uncover the cutting edge technologies and behaviors that will shape the future of our communities and learn how to prepare your agency for what's next. Prior to his role as Chief Innovation Officer for e.Republic, Dustin was President of KlabLab, Product Strategy Director for Spigit, Inc., and the former Assistant City Manager and Chief Information Officer for the City of Manor, Texas.


10:00 am



10:30 am

General Session – Change Yourself, Change Others —Mastering Your Own Behaviors So You Can Inspire Others to Shift Theirs

Elizabeth Frisch, Best-Selling Author & Founder of The Thrival Company

It’s so easy to find fault and criticize others for their inability to change. We often get frustrated by our lack of control when working in a bureaucracy or government setting. We feel powerless to get others (and the system) to change. Yet, the key to mastering working with others in this challenging environment to shift their behaviors is to master shifting your own. This fun, engaging keynote provides 8 critical practices to shifting yourself so you can powerfully shift others.


11:15 am



11:30 am

Best of Texas Award Ceremony and Reception


1:00 pm    

End of Program   

Conference times, agenda, and speakers are subject to change.