Portable Solar Charger; Barriers to Broadband Internet Adoption

Iowa county residents can text 911; audiobooks for iPod users.

by / November 2, 2009

According to ...

Twitter.com/UtahGov: "94% of professional license holders in Utah now renew online and 99% of those find the service easy to use."

The Sacramento Bee: The Sacramento, Calif., Public Library has expanded its audiobook inventory for iPod users on its Web site The library offers 2,400 audio files, 700 of which are iPod compatible. The site is also accessible in six languages and has a txt4nswrs feature for users who want to inquire about library services on the go and a 24/7 Ask Now tool for those who'd rather instant message a librarian.

USA Today: Residents in Black Hawk County, Iowa, can seek emergency assistance by texting their local 911 dispatch center. Only users of i wireless, a T-Mobile affiliate, can text 911, but the service will likely expand, according to the county's police chief. Although Black Hawk County pioneered this effort, others, like the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, plan to follow suit.


Watch Video: Battery running low? Power up on the go. Got an emergency? Now some residents can text for help. And survey reveals broadband barriers.

Survey Says

In July 2009, Government Technology asked more than 100 subscribers about the barriers to broadband Internet adoption in their jurisdictions. Here are their top answers:

  • High cost of service 67 percent
  • Lack of availability 48 percent
  • Lack of perceived importance 46 percent
  • Lack of competition 28 percent
  • Reliability/quality issues 28 percent


Karen Stewartson

Karen Stewartson served as the managing editor of Government Technology for many years. She also contributed to Public CIO and Emergency Management magazines.