Canada: Wired for a New World

Through multiple e-government initiatives, Canada is striving to become the world's most wired government.

by / November 30, 2000
Canada is one of the most wired countries on Earth. Based on the percentage of the population with Internet access in their homes, Canada is fifth in the world. The United States is third, superceded only by Norway and Singapore, according to a Nua Internet Survey. Each year, the federal government of Canada invests $3 billion to $4 billion in information management and information technology (IM/IT). And like many countries, the Canadian government is vigorously pursuing a host of e-government objectives in tandem with initiatives to encourage e-commerce. Yet there are differences in the Canadian approach that are well worth noting. These differences first became apparent to Government Technology in covering the first international summit on government reinvention organized by Vice President Al Gore.

"Reform of government has got to start with a proper fix on what the role of government is," Marcel Mass
Blake Harris Contributing Editor