discuss end-of-life management solutions that are mutually beneficial to all, said Davis.

"I'm optimistically pleased that the government seems to understand that nonprofits are being affected by this by inviting us to testify and having us in the group," he said.

The group brings people from different sectors together, all of whom have different concerns.

"The manufacturer sees this entirely differently than a consumer advocate or a charity," Davis said. "But we've all got to play in the same sandbox."

The goal is to educate members of Congress and their staff about the issues surrounding e-waste management and disposal, and to explore the role the federal government might play in regulating electronic waste, said Jay Hutchins, federal affairs manager of Goodwill.

"We are seeing more and more stakeholders express concern with a patchwork solution of each state adopting its own set of laws," Hutchins said. "It's too early to tell if there is one popular approach, but people are concerned about what will happen as each state adopts its own regulation."

Sherry Watkins  |  Contributing Writer