Feinstein Slams Brakes on AV Deregulation Bill

Casey Tolan, East Bay Times / March 15, 2018

Battery Flaws Blamed for Santa Fe, N.M.’s Parking Ticket Woes

Daniel J. Chacón, The Santa Fe New Mexican / March 14, 2018

People Are Stranded in 'Transit Deserts' in Dozens of US Cities

Junfeng Jiao, Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Chris Bischak, Candidate, University of Texas at Austin / March 13, 2018

How Texas Cities Plan to Deal with Disruptive Bike-Shares

Bill Hanna, Sandra Baker, Fort Worth Star-Telegram / March 12, 2018

Ohio Capital City Plans Electric Bus Test, with an Eye Toward Converting its Fleet in the Future

Kimball Perry, The Columbus Dispatch / March 12, 2018
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