SF City Attorney: Uber 'Thumbing Its Nose at the Law'

Ethan Baron, The Mercury News / February 16, 2018

California’s Bay Area Prepares for a Driverless Future

Erin Baldassari, The Mercury News / February 16, 2018

Amtrak Will Pull Routes if Train Controls Are Not Operational in 2018

Mike Lindblom, The Seattle Times / February 16, 2018

San Jose to Sell Property to Google to Create Transit-Oriented Development

George Avalos, The Mercury News / February 15, 2018

San Diego Opens to Dockless Bike Sharing

David Garrick, The San Diego Union-Tribune / February 15, 2018

Ohio Officials Explore Hyperloop Options

Steven Litt, The Plain Dealer / February 15, 2018

Tactical Urbanism, City Partnerships Tackle Issues in Houston

Leah Binkovitz, The Urban Edge / February 15, 2018

Could AVs Lead to a Decline in Workplace Deaths?

Matt Sanctis, Dayton Daily News / February 14, 2018

Beckley, W.Va., Rolls Out Pay-by-Smartphone Parking

Jessica Farrish, The Register-Herald / February 15, 2018

Delivering Packages with Drones Might Be Good for the Environment

Constantine Samaras, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Joshuah Stolaroff, Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory / February 14, 2018

Arizona’s Long-Range Transportation Plan Emphasizes Safety, Modernization

/ February 13, 2018
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