Teaching Machines to Understand — and Summarize — Text

Karuna Pande Joshi and Tim Finin, University of Maryland, Baltimore County / June 23, 2017

Bakersfield, Calif., Unveils Street Conditions Data, Interactive Map

DOROTHY MILLS-GREGG, The Bakersfield Californian (Bakersfield, Calif.) / June 21, 2017

Clark County, Wash., Leads the Charge in Housing Efficiency

Troy Brynelson, The Columbian, Vancouver, Wash. / June 20, 2017

Could a Monorail Alleviate L.A. Congestion?

/ June 19, 2017

Is Uber Taking Sacramento, Calif., Transit's Ridership?

Tony Bizjak, The Sacramento Bee / June 19, 2017

Whose Fault Is an Autonomous Vehicle Crash?

David Gutman, The Seattle Times / June 19, 2017
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