Aurora, Ill., Eyes Downtown Smart Kiosks

Steve Lord, The Beacon-News / August 17, 2018

Columbus, Ohio, Officials Seek One-Stop Transit App

Mark Ferenchik, The Columbus Dispatch / August 17, 2018

St. Louis to Launch Smartphone-Esque Street Kiosks

Jacob Barker, St. Louis Post-Dispatch / August 17, 2018

Research Predicts Adoption Rates of Connected Autonomous Vehicles

/ August 17, 2018

Instead of Razing Buildings, Some Cities Want to Reuse Their Bones

Sophie Quinton, Stateline / August 17, 2018

Washington Utility Moves to Replace Failing Smart Meters

Will Rubin, The Chronicle / August 16, 2018

Syracuse, N.Y., Officials Ask Council to OK $38M Smart Streetlight Project

Chris Baker, Syracuse Media Group / August 16, 2018

After Problems with City Bike Share Program, Baltimore Turns to Lime and Bird

Colin Campbell, Talia Richman, The Baltimore Sun / August 16, 2018

‘Vehicle to Everything’ Communication Demo Shows Promise for AV Future

Aldo Svaldi, The Denver Post / August 16, 2018

L.A. County Will Soon Deploy Bomb Scanning Tech Throughout Its Rail System

Laura J. Nelson, Los Angeles Times / August 15, 2018

Kansas Transportation and Higher Ed Kick Off Unmanned Aircraft System Pilot

Eric Wiley, The Salina Journal / August 15, 2018
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