Who's at Fault in Self-Driving Car Crashes?

Carolyn Said, San Francisco Chronicle / October 18, 2017

SF Supervisor Rethinks Where Robots Fit on City Sidewalks

Rachel Swan, San Francisco Chronicle / October 18, 2017

GM Eyes AV Testing in New York City

David R. Baker, San Francisco Chronicle / October 18, 2017

Transportation in Tempe: How One Arizona City Is Going All-In on Autonomous Vehicles

/ October 17, 2017

Portland, Maine, Approves Wi-Fi-Enabled Lighting Project

Randy Billings, Portland Press Herald / October 17, 2017

Data Mapping Offers Insights into Iowa Bridge Conditions

Chris Bousquet, Data-Smart City Solutions / October 17, 2017

Earthquakes Pose a Serious Risk to Internet, Cellular Infrastructure

Seung Lee, The Mercury News / October 16, 2017

Can an App Start a Public Dialog About Montana’s Superfund Sites?

Mike Smith, The Montana Standard / October 16, 2017

To Uber or Not? Why Car Ownership May No Longer Be a Good Deal

F. Todd Davidson, Research, University of Texas at Austin, Michael E. Webber, Professor, University of Texas at Austin / October 16, 2017

Robot Vehicles Are Overly Cautious Drivers

Ryan Beene, Bloomberg News / October 13, 2017

Washington City Seeks Input on Potential Muni Broadband Service

Skagit Valley Herald / October 13, 2017
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