Are Autonomous Vanpools the Answer to Traffic Woes?

David Gutman The Seattle Times / June 15, 2018

Florida City Plans Test of Smart Meters, Eyes Broadband Expansion

Suzie Schottelkotte, The Ledger / June 15, 2018

Chicago’s Cutting-Edge Rail Plan Raises Eyebrows

Mary Wisniewski, Chicago Tribune / June 15, 2018

Chicago Bets on Musk’s Boring Company for High-Speed Transit Project

Bill Ruthhart and John Byrne, Chicago Tribune / June 14, 2018

Cities Should Make Ride-Hailing the Future of Medical Transportation (Contributed)

Joe Rinzel, Americans for a Modern Economy / June 14, 2018

Chicago Transit Authority OKs Purchase of 20 Electric Buses

Elvia Malagon, Chicago Tribune / June 14, 2018
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