Community Advocates Make Push for Dedicated Scooter, Bike Lanes in Ohio

Rick Rouan, The Columbus Dispatch / September 19, 2018

Unlike Other California Cities, San Diego Has Been Slower to Regulate E-Scooters

Joshua Emerson Smith, The San Diego Union-Tribune / September 17, 2018

Report Suggests Autonomous Tech Is a Threat to Wages, Certain Industries

Matt Sanctis, Springfield News-Sun / September 17, 2018

Policy Changes Could Clear the Way for Solar in a Colorado County

John Fryar, Daily Times-Call / September 17, 2018

Strong Growth Expected in EV Charging Stations

/ September 17, 2018

Autonomous Grocery Delivery Coming Soon to Oklahoma City

David Dishman, The Oklahoman / September 14, 2018
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