Why Downtown Parking Garages May Be Headed for Extinction

Mindy Fetterman, Stateline / December 12, 2017

Visualizing NYC’s Bikeshare Patterns

Chris Bousquet, Data-Smart City Solutions / December 11, 2017

Washington Transit Agency Goes Electric, Adds New Tech to Buses

Andy Monserud, Walla Walla Union-Bulletin / December 11, 2017

California Looks at Dumping Gas Tax for Per-Mile Fee as Cars Use Less Fuel

Tony Bizjak, The Sacramento Bee / December 8, 2017

Fort Wayne Considers App-Connected Parking Meters

Lisa Esquivel, Long The News-Sentinel / December 8, 2017

Abilene, Texas, Gets $18 Million Loan for Smart Water Meters

Brian Bethel, Abilene Reporter-News / December 8, 2017

Flagler County, Fla., Votes to Install 5 New Public Safety Radio Towers

Matt Bruce, The News-Journal / December 8, 2017

As Technology Rapidly Evolves, Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley Prepares for Changes

Tom Shortell, The Morning Call / December 8, 2017

Solar Now Powers Half of Tucson International

David Wichner, The Arizona Daily Star / December 7, 2017

San Francisco’s Complicated Relationship with Robots

Carolyn Said, Benny Evangelista, San Francisco Chronicle / December 7, 2017

Emergency Traffic Tech Faces Delays in Springfield, Ill.

Crystal Thomas, The State Journal-Register / December 7, 2017
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