High-Tech Tolling Could Be Colorado’s Traffic Fix

John Aguilar, The Denver Post / June 21, 2018

Boston Green-Lights nuTonomy AV Tests Citywide

Jordan Graham, Boston Herald / June 21, 2018

Columbus, Ohio, Tries to Jump-Start the Local EV Market

/ June 20, 2018

Colorado Governor Directs State to Adopt Low-Emission Vehicle Standards in the Vein of California

David Migoya, The Denver Post / June 20, 2018

Will California’s EV Investments End Up Burning Ratepayers?

Rob Nikolewski, The San Diego Union-Tribune / June 19, 2018

Smart City Demo Showcases the Potential of Connected Infrastructure

Nassim Benchaabane, St. Louis Post-Dispatch / June 19, 2018

Portland Launches Road Safety Sensor Pilot

/ June 19, 2018

Electronic Billboards Could Become More Prevalent Under California Plan

Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times / June 18, 2018

Smart Corridor Could Forever Change Ohio Transportation

Dean Narciso, The Columbus Dispatch / June 18, 2018

To Combat Potholes, Cities Turn to Technology

Jenni Bergal, Stateline / June 18, 2018

Are Autonomous Vanpools the Answer to Traffic Woes?

David Gutman The Seattle Times / June 15, 2018
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