Samsung Places Bets on the Internet of Things with ARTIK Platform

The electronics giant released a new open playground for device makers this month.

by / May 15, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is launching in fits and starts in the public sector, but a new IoT platform from Samsung could give the movement the boost it needs. Samsung’s ARTIK platform, announced May 12, provides an open suite of modules for the development of new IoT devices.

“We are providing the industry’s most advanced, open and secure platform for developing IoT products,” said Young Sohn, president and chief strategy officer at Samsung Electronics. “By leveraging Samsung’s high-volume manufacturing, advanced silicon process and packaging technologies, and extensive ecosystem, ARTIK allows developers to rapidly turn great ideas into market-leading IoT products and applications.”

ARTIK comes in three sizes, each with its own form-factors, functions and processing powers – from the tiny 12-square-millimeter model to the ARTIK 10, capable of 1080p video recording and equipped with 16 GB of flash memory.

The new platform represents not just an opportunity for the public sector, but also brings a new investment of confidence from the private sector, boldening an already growing trend. Samsung bought IoT company SmartThings last year for $200 million and has been showcasing its gadgetry at expos over the past months.