About FutureStructure

FutureStructure is a new initiative from the publishers of GOVERNING, Government Technology and Emergency Management, together with the GOVERNING Institute and the Center for Digital Government. The goal of FutureStructure is to help public sector leaders think more like system engineers and thereby get past the constraints inherent in the haphazard and siloed approaches that government often encounters when conceiving of and building a community's future.

FutureStructure provides a new framework to help public sector leaders think and act more like system engineers. By thinking about cities as systems of systems, our FutureStructure initiative helps convene and change the conversation around the interrelated parts that make our communities work - parts that are too often discussed separately and in silos.

FutureStructure is where concrete, glass and steel meet composites and polymers, which can do more through embedded control and monitoring technologies thanks to innovation and breakthrough thinking.

Our aim is to serve as a catalyst to help foster new leadership communities and to encourage state and local leaders to apply system engineering concepts as they work to develop economically robust, vibrant communities. To achieve this, everyone must be at the table — policy leaders, ļ¬nance executives, technology experts, environmental analysts and the private sector players who design and build infrastructure, not to mention the people government serves.

Among the many things we expect governments to do is ensure the future. Whether constructing transportation, water or energy systems; building and maintaining the quality of our children’s schools or ensuring public safety; the things that governments do — or don’t do — determine the quality of the future for all of us.

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Key Contacts

Bob Graves, executive editor, FutureStructure; associate director, GOVERNING Institute -  bgraves@governing.com

Ryan McCauley, staff writer, FutureStructure - rmccauley@erepublic.com

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