Spokane, Wash., Adds Verizon to List of Smart City Partners

Rebecca White, The Spokesman-Review / October 19, 2018

Falling Prices, New Tech Are Making Battery Power a More Attractive Option for Utilities

Judith Kohley, The Denver Post / October 19, 2018

Austin Lags Other Texas Cities in Rolling Out 5G Infrastructure

Sebastian Herrera, Austin American-Statesman / October 17, 2018

Autonomous Shuttles Have the Opportunity to Improve the Bus Experience

/ October 17, 2018

How Pedestrians, Construction and Computerized Signals Choke Traffic

Michaelle Bond, The Philadelphia Inquirer / October 15, 2018

Did Houston's Light Rail Reduce Traffic Pollution?

Leah Binkovitz, The Urban Edge / October 15, 2018
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