The Department of Environmental Quality, in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Information Technology, Tuesday announced the availability of the Michigan Surface Water Information Management (MiSWIM) system.

The MiSWIM system is a new, state-of-the-art Internet mapping application designed to provide the public easy access to water quality (biological, chemical, and physical) data and other information that has been obtained for Michigan's rivers, lakes and streams. Types of water quality information available to MiSWIM system users include: water and sediment chemistry, fish contaminants, E. coli bacteria, fish and aquatic macroinvertebrate communities, river flow, fish stocking, lake bathymetry, river valley segments, industrial and municipal wastewater discharge sites, septage land disposal sites, coldwater and natural river classifications, nonpoint source program grants, land use classifications, soil types, and aerial photographs.

"The MiSWIM system will allow the public and water resource managers to obtain water quality data and information for Michigan's rivers, streams, and lakes more easily and more efficiently," said DEQ Director Steven E. Chester. "Better access to this information through the MiSWIM system will improve water quality decision making at all levels of government."

"MiSWIM will provide a great tool for natural resource managers and citizens interested in natural resource issues to see how a water resource has been managed," DNR Director Rebecca Humphries said. "It will also aid recreational enthusiasts and anglers interested in different bodies of water by showing them a wide array of information regarding a lake, stream, or river."