California May Create Chief Geographic Officer Position

Sacramento, Calif. -- California CIO Teri Takai told Government Technology she wanted to create a chief geographic officer position for the state. Takai mentioned the news at Government Technology Conference's Best of California event December 2008. Naturally the person would drive GIS strategies for the state.

"You do need an individual who is in the lead for the state," Takai said. "It helps when we do collaboration with the counties and other areas of local government. Certainly a chief geographic officer is something we have recommended and are looking at very closely."

She didn't say when or if the search for such an individual would start.

Takai was a guest speaker at Best of California. Others included Kentucky State Data Center Director Ron Crouch, who discussed demographic trends and the future needs of citizens from government IT. In his new role as executive officer of the California Office of Information Security and Privacy, former Colorado Chief Information Security Officer Mark Weatherford addressed the latest trends in security standards and solutions. 

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Andy Opsahl  | 

Andy Opsahl is a former writer and features editor for Government Technology magazine.