NovaTracker is introducing the first web-based real-time security guard system, GuardTrax, to track, monitor, and manage security personnel in real-time at all times. The system will be introduced at the 53rd Annual American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 24-27th.

Among the new security solutions the company will be featuring at this important security trade show are:

-- "GuardTrax" - The new GuardTrax is now the first end-to-end solution that allows security managers and supervisors to track, monitor and manage their field security personnel in "real-time" at all times. GuardTrax acquires and sends real-time GPS information on security officer location, activities and movements and makes them available for end users simply by logging onto an intuitive web interfaced program from any web browser. The GuardTrax-SFL (Security Force Locator) personal GPS tracking device, and the web program which utilizes GIS mapping and satellite imagery, is designed specifically to monitor and manage field level security personnel.

GuardTrax also incorporates a SmartResponse system which will notify security managers of deficiencies, troubles, or incidents that their security officers might be encountering while on duty. With non-movement alerts, geo-fencing, and incident reporting capabilities, abandoned posts, sleeping guards and unproductive shifts will be virtually eliminated.

-- "MAYA" is a highly customizable vehicle tracking device that plugs and plays with most popular fleet tracking software. It is the most customizable vehicle tracking product on the market: it can be programmed according to 23 different parameters on-the-fly if needed to configure the device to the precise customer needs. In addition, with the optional Bluetooth module, the Maya is an extremely versatile and reliable in-vehicle GPS/GSM equipped data hub allowing communications between a Bluetooth enabled device and the server or internet.

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