Wireless Real-Time Location System in the Largest Senior Apartment Community in Beijing, China

Scalable solution that can benefit many real-time tracking and safety needs in buildings, hospitals and senior facilities.

by / November 27, 2007 0
The largest senior apartment facility in Beijing with complete wireless real-time location-tracking coverage was opened four weeks ago. This innovative solution, designed and deployed by Helicomm Beijing, covers both indoor and outdoor effectively and provides a room-to-room level of location accuracy. The facility, built up in three phases, includes 3,000 apartments, one hospital, shopping facilities, restaurants and fitness centers. It has 2.5 million square feet residential space and has approximately 5 million square feet outdoor space. The first phase is now under operation.

Each tenant in the community has a slim identification tag capable of wireless communications with the community management office. In the event of an emergency, the management office will be able to locate the tenant in real-time and respond with immediate assistance. The system provides the location accuracy necessary to avoid false alarms from the adjacent apartments.

Helicomm's innovative real-time location solution is based upon the mesh wireless architecture. Integrating with the GIS and information management software, this system provides a comprehensive solution of identification, location, access control, e-commerce and healthcare assistance for the tenant.

"We are proud that our solution will benefit seniors from a safer and more comfortable living community," said C.C. Huang, CTO, Helicomm, Inc. "This is a scalable solution that can benefit many real-time tracking and safety needs in buildings, hospitals and senior facilities."

Headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., with wholly owned subsidiaries in Beijing, China, and Taipei, Taiwan, Helicomm is a leading provider of voice and data wireless networks to improve tracking, management and communication of assets by providing wireless networking solutions built upon the IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee) and IPv6 global standards for reliable, secure, low-power, cost-effective wireless networks.