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4 New Ways to Use Public Libraries

Many public libraries have struggled to stay modern and relevant in today's world, so this GovGirl video is a tribute to those who have done so!

Have you actually tried downloading a digital book? Get 'em now from your library and download them to your Kindle or iPad. Many librarians are reinventing their catalog in a digital way - on Pinterest. Follow your public library on Pinterest and find even more cute puppies to make you smile.

Some libraries have realized the allure of sipping a hot cup of coffee while reading an interesting book. Here are a few library/café combo examples:

Lexington Public Library
Leesburg Public Library
Elmhurst Public Library
Seattle Public Library

Going a bit old school here, but libraries are still letting patrons check out artwork. This means you can redecorate your home or office every month if you want to, with some famous prints. 

What other ways can you use your public libraries nowadays? The best conversation happens on my blog, so leave a comment!