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Humanizing Government Social Media

Government agencies shouldn’t be afraid to show a more human side on social media.

This is something I’ve focused on in GovGirl pieces over the last few years, and my recent chat with Mark Rybchuk from Hootsuite's government team centers on this strategy. Hootsuite is a worldwide social media relationship platform.  

Mark and I talked about Hootsuite’s own “mean tweets” video, and Mark shared examples of agencies such as NYPD attempting to show a more human voice on social media to build their social community. I shared some of my favorite funny tweets.      

Mark’s advice? Be human, keep it relevant, keep it informative, and when it’s appropriate, it’s OK to make it funny. Having a sense of humor and being fun on social media can be an effective strategy for growing your audience. The goal is that you already have an engaged audience when your agency needs it most, such as in an emergency.

As usual, watch for the outtakes at the end.

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How Cities Can REALLY Use Nextdoor Social Network

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3 Social Media Tools for Cops

More police are on social media now than ever. In a survey by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, nearly 96 percent of the 500 law enforcement agencies surveyed use social media. I looked through a number of resources for police that are using social media, and put together this GovGirl video highlighting three prominent tools.  READ MORE