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Zombie-Proof Your Data Center

Is your government data center zombie-proof? If there were a zombie outbreak tomorrow, would your data be secure?
When you’re talking about keeping data safe, you have to plan for any emergency situation. With the popularity of AMC’s new Fear the Walking Dead and Halloween approaching, I figured, why not a zombie outbreak? Just like any other disaster situation, certain government services must be up and running, such as police, fire and emergency dispatch. What can government IT managers do right now to make sure that happens?
In this video, I illustrate scenarios that could happen in during any disaster, with an undead slant, of course. I interviewed Clint Wyckoff, subject matter expert on data center availability from Veeam, who walks us through concepts such as business continuity, data loss avoidance and failing over to a remote data center. He also explains the 3-2-1 industry best practice rule.

Always watch for outtakes at the end, and find me on Twitter at @kristydalton22.

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Advice from Future Self at Accela Engage

I recently covered an event in Los Angeles focused on the future of civic technology, Accela Engage 2015. READ MORE
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4 Ways to Constantly Come Up with Social Media Content

1. Establish Google Alerts