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How Cities Can REALLY Use Nextdoor Social Network officials made a big announcement last week that opened up their social network to use by government agencies. Unlike most social platforms, Nextdoor hosts closed neighborhood networks just for the people living in those communities. 

I still had some questions, so I invited co-founder Sarah Leary to chat with me about the practical ways cities can use Nextdoor for Public Agencies. One key question was how much this service was going to actually cost government. I liked her answer -- that this is a free service for both citizens and public entities. Sarah also gave me a few ideas for how police, fire and public information officers could use the platform.

Watch the video to learn more and register your agency at

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3 Social Media Tools for Cops

More police are on social media now than ever. In a survey by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, nearly 96 percent of the 500 law enforcement agencies surveyed use social media. I looked through a number of resources for police that are using social media, and put together this GovGirl video highlighting three prominent tools.  READ MORE
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City Responds to Negative Tweets with Humor