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City Responds to Negative Tweets with Humor



Sometimes people complain about their city on social media. They might tweet about traffic congestion or that the city’s water always tastes weird. 

If you happen to tweet about one of these annoyances in the city of College Station, Texas, you just might be featured on a YouTube video series that humorously explains the background behind some of the things you grumble about online. 

In this GovGirl video, I interviewed Jay Socol, the communications director for College Station, on his humorous approach to responding to citizen complaints in his regular video series, “Taking It To The Tweets.”

Jay talks about how he monitors Twitter to find reoccurring topics about the city that citizens mention – and groan about. Using his deadpan sense of humor, his series manages to explain history, expel myths and get to the bottom of why things are the way they are. Not many people can seriously clarify why the city’s drinking water “tastes like cat poop,” but Jay does it with style.

Watch for my homemade green screen, and we had some fun with outtakes as usual!

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