February 27, 2013    /    by

City Wins Tech Center and Trending Topics

If you’re like most public-sector employees, you don’t have much time for watching videos. I took that into consideration and tried out a new format for this video – “GovGirl’s Trending Topics” – quickly covering top stories in government innovation. 

We start off talking about the tiny city in Texas that entered a sweepstakes and won a new tech center full of tablets, voting technology and more. If that story gets you motivated, I mention a contest where you can win part of $5 MILLION – the Knight Foundation’s OpenGov News Challenge!

Other hot topics include the City of Bell’s awesome transparency turnaround, and Gavin Newsom’s new book, Citizenville.

Let me know if this quick rundown style resonates with you, and I’ll work more of these videos into the regular lineup. Watch the YouTube channel every Wednesday for a new episode.