August 7, 2013    /    by Kristy Fifelski

Get Your Agency on LinkedIn, Now

Maybe you already have a page for your agency on LinkedIn, but you’re not really doing much with it. New changes to LinkedIn make now the time to go all in.
Have you noticed that LinkedIn’s strategy is shifting? It still gets the bulk of its earnings through job posting services, but part of the new approach is to serve as a news source with a plethora of engaging content. 
LinkedIn is now aggregating news from people they call “influencers”, and from other big news sources. A new “Channels” feature allows members to follow news about the things they’re most interested in – in dashboard style.
Many public agencies have blocked internal staff use of high bandwidth sites like Facebook and YouTube. LinkedIn, for the most part, has gone under the radar from internal blocking. This means government employees now have a good place to hear about and share professional news, and still get their social fix. 
On LinkedIn, agencies (using a company page) can post status updates and job openings, and they have more places to brand their company page than they used to via the page banner. Nowadays, your page can have more than one manager. And don't forget that LinkedIn can be a steady driver of referral traffic to your official website.
LinkedIn is also rolling out targeted advertising, which is similar to what Twitter and Facebook are already doing. Difference is, people have shared a lot of REALLY good data about themselves on LinkedIn, which means you can target people with the right skills for things like recruitment. 
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