GovGirl Covers re:Public

At this event in Tucson, Ariz., GovGirl rubs elbows with some of the most innovative leaders in state and local government.

by / November 15, 2012 0

I was honored to rub elbows this week with some of the most innovative leaders in state and local government at the re:Public XI event in Tucson, Arizona. Once I made it past the door of this invitation-only event, I found a dedicated group of experienced public servants representing communities across America.

The event featured two days of thought-provoking speakers and industry networking. A final panel of MPA candidates concluded the event on Tuesday with a refreshing look at the next generation in public service. After some fun talking about generational differences, both the students and the audience of well-experienced public officials gave each other thoughtful advice for achieving great things together in public service. 

Kristy Dalton Contributing Writer

Kristy is known as “GovGirl” in the government technology industry. A former city government Web manager with a passion for social media, technology and the lighter side of government life, Kristy is the CEO of Government Social Media.