June 12, 2013    /    by

How to Make a Podcast, with Mark Fletcher

I recorded a podcast about public safety and social media with Mark "Fletch" Fletcher, host of the popular E911 podcast on the Avaya Podcast Network. Fletch says our podcast is already one of the most popular downloads for the year, and it was just published Monday!

We also did a quick iPhone video for GovGirl on how to make a podcast. Fletch is a fan of GovGirl outtakes, so he did something different and put a few of ours at the end of our podcast. Fletch notes that a podcast is simply an MP3 file hosted somewhere (he uses Cachefly) and made available to download or stream on a website. Take a look at his gear in the video.

Fletch advises that the most important part of a podcast and keeping an audience is having regular content. For him, this means recording a show every week. Does your agency do podcasts? What equipment do you use and has it been successful? Post a comment on my blog and share your experience!