New Website Review: City of Los Angeles

As a former city government Web manager, GovGirl was eager to see the city's new site, and she put together this quick video review.

by / February 13, 2013

The city of Los Angeles, Calif., announced a new website last week via a unique press conference on a Google Hangout. As a former city government Web manager, I was eager to see their new site! I put together this quick video review.

I gave the new city website props for a clean design, cool mega-menus and a neighborhood lookup tool. The site boasts many places for users to give their thoughts, so I figure they wouldn’t mind some candid feedback. I talked a lot in the video about “responsive design”, which I would have liked to see on Los Angeles’ site. I think any new government websites should consider their approach to responsive design as an important foundation.

Hear more of my thoughts in the video, and watch the end for a bonus anniversary montage – celebrating two years of fun in GovGirl videos!    



Kristy Dalton Contributing Writer

Kristy is known as “GovGirl” in the government technology industry. She is a former city government web manager who has a passion for social media, technology and the lighter side of government life. Kristy is the CEO of Government Social Media.