March 27, 2013    /    by

New YouTube Channel Design

YouTube is rolling out a brand new channel design, and it requires a little work on your part in making your channel look good. I put together this quick video tutorial as I upgraded my own GovGirl channel design, to walk you through what to expect.

The biggest change in branding is that there’s no longer a background image. Your profile picture is carried over, but now you have a large graphic banner that YouTube calls “channel art.” It adapts for any device your visitors are on, but it takes some effort to design for the optimal dimensions.

Make sure to add your website and social networks, which can be displayed on top of your channel art. They’ve made it simple to add featured channels and have their avatars appear on your channel.

One feature I really like is "sections." You’re basically making a playlist. You can use all the tags you’ve attached to videos, so I easily created a section for all of my videos on social media. Finally, create a welcome video encouraging people to subscribe, and tell them what your channel is all about. It just took a couple of minutes to record my welcome video. Good luck designing your own channel!