April 17, 2013    /    by

#OneBoston, Hackathons & Cat Ears

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon tragedy, the city of Boston is now using the #OneBoston promoted hashtag. A promoted hashtag usually means companies pay Twitter a lot of money to make it appear at the top of the feed. In this case, however, Twitter waived the fees.

Follow conversation on the tools, strategies and best practices of using social media in emergency management by following #smem on Twitter.

Since I mentioned the Longmont hackathon a couple of weeks ago, several of you contacted me about your own hackathons. Alameda County and Hack4Colorado are mentioned in the video, and I noted another great site to announce your hackathon.

We’re trying to figure out how we can use "mood technology" in the form of, you heard it right, electronic cat ears. Is there remotely any application for government?