Texas.gov Redesign & Dancing with Aunt GovGirl

GovGirl -- and her niece and nephews -- share the ins and outs of the new Texas.gov redesign.

by / April 24, 2013 0

My layover in Fort Worth gave me the perfect chance to chat with tomorrow's leaders (okay, my niece and nephews) about the new Texas.gov website redesign. It's off to a great start with an html 5 and CSS3 foundation, and we loved the responsive design. The new site handled well on my iPad, and they've added a touch of color to what used to be a boldly white design.

As a reminder to always try and have a bit of fun, we attempted to revive the Harlem Shake. What I learned here is that some trends should stay gone…

Kristy Dalton Contributing Writer

Kristy is known as “GovGirl” in the government technology industry. A former city government Web manager with a passion for social media, technology and the lighter side of government life, Kristy is the CEO of Government Social Media.