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Succession Planning Toolkit, Part I: Competency isn’t a four letter word
Succession planning starts with the letter C. The process of identifying, selecting, and managing talent for leadership—is critical to achieving your organization’s long-term goals and gives you the competitive edge. So get started now with our Four Steps to Identifying Competencies.

Addressing Low Engagement and Morale in State & Local Government
While employee disengagement and low morale threaten to derail state & local governments’ ability to deliver critical services, some vanguard agencies have discovered a cost-effective, efficient solution to mitigate the damaging effects of furloughs, budget cuts, & critical public perception.

Recruiting Tip Sheet for State & Local Government
Losing Top Candidates? Tired of the private sector poaching your talent? Sure, they have more money. But that’s not why you’re losing top candidates. The private sector is simply faster—and savvier—at recruiting.