Florida Renews Contract With HP for Medicaid System

The $172 million contract renewal will implement HIPAA requirements and support updated procedure coding.

by / October 5, 2011
Getty Images (c) Thomas Barwick Getty Images

Hewlett-Packard has received a three-year extension on its management contract of Florida’s Medicaid management and information system (MMIS), the company announced this week.

The $172 million contract renewal awarded by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration will help the state move to a managed care environment, the HP announcement said, and will help prepare for pending health-care changes by implementing Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 5010 requirements and is supporting the move to ICD-10 procedure coding.

Since 2008, Florida has utilized HP’s interchange Medicaid Management Information System. The state’s system processes more than $20 billion worth of Medicaid claims each year for nearly 114,000 state health-care providers.

HP said it has also implemented Web-based provider enrollment, claims authorization and a file exchange system in Florida and has helped with the implementation of electronic health records in the state.

The state’s Medicaid program serves 3 million Florida residents and the Agency for Health Care Administration is responsible for licensure of the state’s 41,000 health-care facilities.