Watch Tweets in Real Time (Infographic)

Tweetping displays visually all the tweets in the world -- in real time.

by / January 31, 2013 0

Twitter has hashtags for a reason: to categorize the world's tweets in a way that can be "neatly sorted into buckets," as an article in Fast Company succinctly stated. 

But a new real-time infographic turns its nose up at such organization, choosing instead to display visually all of the tweets occurring in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia -- in real time. 

As Fast Company notes, we’re not really meant to follow all of it.

Each country's ticker tracks total tweets, words and characters sent from the moment you load the page. "Hashtags and @-mentions flash for milliseconds, constantly replaced by a stream of data that can’t be paused for a moment, lest the system fall perpetually behind," according to the news outlet. And each tweet's geolocation is displayed on a world map as a glowing dot; as the tweets compile, so do the dots, quickly turning the world map from dark to extremely bright.

As Fast Company pointed out, "By adding just a few slower features, like the most-linked URLs and the most retweeted messages over the past minute, a huge amount of utility could be pulled from the mega stream of data."

See for yourself (click to open link in a new window):

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