South Carolina Bans Social Media for Employees

A new code to be instated later this year tells South Carolina employees to get back to work.

by / February 12, 2015
The new code banning state employees from using social media at work was recommended to Gov. Nikki Haley by the State Employee Code of Conduct she created for this purpose. Flickr/Gage Skidmore

South Carolina state employees will not be allowed to access social media at work, effective July 2015.

A new code of conduct prohibits workers from "us[ing] state resources for their private business or financial gain." Using social media will only be allowed in instances where it is directly related to the employee’s job function, though penalties for breaking the rule are not detailed in the new code. 

This new code follows news of possible social media abuse in Oklahoma, where a legislative report revealed that three of the top 10 websites accessed by state workers were social media websites, with Facebook ranking No. 1.

Meanwhile, Facebook has been trying to crack the office space with the launch of Facebook at Work this past January. The service allows users to create work accounts that are intended for inter-office communication, and is only visible to other workers from the same company.