E-Signature Guide for Government

If you are interested in learning how the US Army, GSA, State of Vermont, USDA and others have improved efficiency, contained cost and increased auditability with e-signatures, this Guide is for you.

All-Flash Arrays Turbo-Charge Government Data Centers and Boost Performance [Q&A]

Find out more about all-flash array technology, the emerging star of the data center, in this Q&A with CJ Desai, president of EMC Corporation’s emerging technology products division.

Why "On Demand" is the Most Effective Cloud Choice for Government

Making the leap to a private or hybrid cloud can be scary for government – but the rewards can be significant. Find out why it’s better to jump sooner rather than later – and why ”on demand” is the most effective cloud and capacity choice.

8 Reasons to STOP managing your people with spreadsheets

Everyone loves a good spreadsheet. But if you have more than a few hundred employees, it can be a nightmare to track performance, training and succession activities with real-time insight. Our clients share why they made the switch from spreadsheets to talent management software - check them out.

Cloud Control: Moving to the Comfort Zone

As cloud deployments accelerate, there's no question that Federal agencies are reaping the benefits – improved agility, less IT complexity, and greater collaboration through shared services. But, while the benefits are clear, concerns around data stewardship and management can stop migrations in their tracks. So how are Federal agencies dealing with the control challenge? To find out, MeriTalk surveyed 153 Federal IT professionals closely involved in their agency's cloud implementations.

Addressing Low Engagement and Moral in State & Local Government

While employee disengagement and low morale threaten to derail state & local governments’ ability to deliver critical services, some vanguard agencies have discovered a cost-effective, efficient solution to mitigate the damaging effects of furloughs, budget cuts, & critical public perception.

Succession Planning Toolkit, Part I: Competency isn’t a four letter word

Succession planning starts with the letter C. The process of identifying, selecting, and managing talent for leadership—is critical to achieving your organization’s long-term goals and gives you the competitive edge. So get started now with our Four Steps to Identifying Competencies.

State of California Technical Case Study

In the face of severe budget cutbacks, state agencies needed to radically change the way they operated to keep meeting their missions to serve citizens. The State of California sets a new standard for IT with Shared Services. Learn how the California Natural Resources Agency harnessed the power of cloud computing to reduce IT capital costs by 42% and speed up service delivery by 70%.

Why Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Should be a Top Priority for Government

Mitigating or eliminating downtime and ensuring rapid recovery following incidents or disasters is critical in an age of 24/7 connectivity. Find out how to protect your organization.

BYOD & Consumerization in Government

This paper begins with an examination of BYOPC and its shortcomings. It closes with a look toward the future – Consumerization – and how cloud and web services are combining to finally deliver on the advantage of the new realities of BYOD.
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