Smart City as a Service: Using Analytics to Equip Communities for Data-Driven Decisions

Regional and municipal governments and large public organizations are striving to deliver higher levels of service, but are challenged with flat or decreased funding to support their efforts. One solution is to use the vast stores of data available to gain a better perspective to identify opportunities to deliver services more efficiently, and engage stakeholders with open data initiatives to create innovative programs â€" in effect becoming a smart city. A framewo

Best Practices Guide for IT Governance & Compliance

Managing compliance and internal security polices can feel like a constant battle. Learn the best practices you need for implementing a compliance solution, and minimize the stress of your next IT compliance audit when you read this paper.

Simplify FISMA Compliance with Foundational Controls

Compliance isn't a choice - it's mandatory. Get an auditor's perspective on how to easily meet FISMA guidelines, and how the right IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions can help you move from a reactive to a proactive stance.

IT Governance, Risk and Compliance

Discover how you can meet external compliance regulations, adhere to internal security policies and undertake migration and consolidation â " and save on the time and effort required to achieve and maintain compliance. Read this white paper today.

Maintain Budget and Consistent Compliance Practices

Having a well-maintained system helps you protect data, maintain compliance and stay within budget. Read this study about which compliance and IT governance software tools are important to state and local agencies, and learn from their experiences.

Consistency Keeps Your Agency's Data Secure

Have days, weeks or months slipped by since your agency's last systems audit, data backup or IT policy check? Read this study and discover the importance of frequent systems updates, and what features are critical when selecting a GRC tool.

Digital Dialogue: Reduce Downtime with Database Replication

This report features highlights from a May 2014 webcast, as well as survey results from 150 IT decision makers and comments from Dell Software Senior Product Manager Bill Brunt.

Webcast: Data Replication & Integration: Improving Reliability & Risk

Discover a simple approach to data replication and integration that empowers you to provide reliable data â€"all while reducing costs and eliminating the risks of storing data in disparate systems.

County Enhances Critical Services for Citizens

Find out why Miami-Dade County, FL improved services for 2.5 million citizens using Toad software to streamline database administration and development, and why county DBAs are claiming "they just can't function without it."

Data Replication: Avoiding Errors, Improving Access

How do you effectively manage and protect your data when it keeps growing at an exponential rate? This brief explores the ins and outs of data replication - how it works, and what it offers IT professionals.
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