Why Document Management Solutions Do More than Cut Costs

Find out why 48 percent of HHS leaders said document management solutions have the largest potential value in improving the delivery of citizen services and benefits in this issue brief.

Web-Scale 101: From Hyper-Convergence to Cloud Infrastructure

Gartner estimates that Web-Scale IT will be in more than half of the world's enterprises within the next five years. Get up to speed on this disruptive technology in the comprehensive new eBook.

Big Data Integration and Analytics for Cyber Security

Download this Cyber Security eBook to learn why Big Data analytics, along with advanced network security, are important components to mitigating cyber attacks.

Why Now is the Time to Make Government More Mobile, Personalized and Engaging

People today are immersed in a consumer-centric world that is increasingly personalized and mobile, which is raising their expectations for how accessible and easy transactions should be across all industries — even government. Find out why it’s critical — and how it can even be cost-effective and simple — for government to provide more mobile, personalized and engaging ways for citizens to access services in this Q&A.

Meeting Citizen Expectations with Improved Government Interactions

By providing more personalized constituent care and adapting to their mobile lifestyles, government agencies at all levels can reduce cost and time burdens and be better prepared and more efficient at solving constituent problems. Find out how in this issue brief.

Beyond Relational: Reimagine Your Data with Enterprise NoSQL

A paradigm shift in database technology is occurring in which organizations are rethinking what they can do with their most important asset: data. MarkLogic is at the forefront of this shift, having the only NoSQL database that is truly enterprise ready.

Fairfax Increases Its Ability to Promote Open Government While Reducing Cost

Fairfax County, Virginia is modernizing with next-generation technology. It is increasing efficiency in its public services, promoting open government, and streamlining operations - all by using MarkLogic's Enterprise NoSQL database.

MarkLogic Helps Fairfax County Residents Become More Civic-minded

Fairfax County, Virginia is one of the largest counties in the nation, with more than one million residents and a budget larger than that of four states combined. The Fairfax County Department of Information Technology (DIT) uses modern information technologies to improve citizen access to government information and services, including a wide variety of mapping data from the county's geographic information system (GIS). The DIT's goal is to provide the community with convenient access to app

10 Major Insights About Internet of Everything (IoE) in the Public Sector

Cisco recently concluded a comprehensive economic analysis based on 40 agency-specific and cross-industry use cases. This 'bottom-up' analysis spanned the public-sector spectrum, encompassing education, culture and entertainment, transportation, safety and justice, energy and environment, healthcare, defense, and next-generation work and operations.

Are You Prepared for a Social Media Lawsuit?

As social media usage gains momentum in government, so too does the risk factor involved with public records documentation. The costs of a legal case in terms of fees, labor, time and financial liability can be disastrous for any city. Download this case study to find out how the Spokane, Wash., Parks Department protected itself – and how you can too.