Digital Dialogue: Reduce Downtime with Database Replication

This report features highlights from a May 2014 webcast, as well as survey results from 150 IT decision makers and comments from Dell Software Senior Product Manager Bill Brunt.

Webcast: Data Replication & Integration: Improving Reliability & Risk

Discover a simple approach to data replication and integration that empowers you to provide reliable data â€"all while reducing costs and eliminating the risks of storing data in disparate systems.

County Enhances Critical Services for Citizens

Find out why Miami-Dade County, FL improved services for 2.5 million citizens using Toad software to streamline database administration and development, and why county DBAs are claiming "they just can't function without it."

Data Replication: Avoiding Errors, Improving Access

How do you effectively manage and protect your data when it keeps growing at an exponential rate? This brief explores the ins and outs of data replication - how it works, and what it offers IT professionals.

Q and A: Extending an Already Powerful Platform

Additional solutions enhance Accela’s Civic Platform to further engage citizens and streamline services.

Why Document Management Solutions Do More than Cut Costs

Find out why 48 percent of HHS leaders said document management solutions have the largest potential value in improving the delivery of citizen services and benefits in this issue brief.

Web-Scale 101: From Hyper-Convergence to Cloud Infrastructure

Gartner estimates that Web-Scale IT will be in more than half of the world's enterprises within the next five years. Get up to speed on this disruptive technology in the comprehensive new eBook.

Big Data Integration and Analytics for Cyber Security

Download this Cyber Security eBook to learn why Big Data analytics, along with advanced network security, are important components to mitigating cyber attacks.

Why Now is the Time to Make Government More Mobile, Personalized and Engaging

People today are immersed in a consumer-centric world that is increasingly personalized and mobile, which is raising their expectations for how accessible and easy transactions should be across all industries — even government. Find out why it’s critical — and how it can even be cost-effective and simple — for government to provide more mobile, personalized and engaging ways for citizens to access services in this Q&A.

Meeting Citizen Expectations with Improved Government Interactions

By providing more personalized constituent care and adapting to their mobile lifestyles, government agencies at all levels can reduce cost and time burdens and be better prepared and more efficient at solving constituent problems. Find out how in this issue brief.