Technology-Enabled Information Sharing Improves Criminal Justice in Orange County

Process improvements and a secure exchange portal allow police officers and court system to electronically process probably cause declarations.

Enterprise Mobile Applications Improve Reach of HHS Agencies [Q&A]

By providing enterprise mobile solutions, Diona is helping transform HHS by enabling access to relevant information and services anytime, anywhere.

How Managed Print Services Makes Room for Innovation [Issue Brief]

Inefficient processes and unnecessary costs are bogging down government agencies. Find out how managed print services does more than reduce paper.

Social Media in the Government Contact Center

You have to be where the conversation is happening. For citizen interactions, treating the new digital and social channels with the same finesse and efficiency as traditional channels is now not just ‘nice to have’ – it’s essential.

Oracle Migrations: What You Need to Know Before You Migrate

As technology and IT needs change over time, it becomes increasingly important for your agency to migrate current Oracle solutions to their newer versions. Watch this on-demand webcast as DLT Solutions shows you everything you need to know about migrations from the various types and its benefits to your IT environment.

App Gives Legislators Insight into Citizen Opinions [Q&A]

iCitizen provides aggregate view of constituents’ top concerns.

Building Better Democracies with More Open Government [Q&A]

Find out how Accela’s Civic Platform is expanding its capabilities to build bridges between citizens and government in this Q and A with CEO Maury Blackman.

Transforming Government Performance with Virtualization

Kovarus helps agencies virtualize Oracle environments to save money, streamline updates, and improve business continuity and disaster recovery.

Enterprise Data Management Can Transform Your HHS Agency [Issue Brief]

Learn how enterprise-wide data platforms are essential as HHS agencies work to lower costs while providing better constituent care through improved decision-making

Your Planning Department Needs to Go Paperless [Issue Brief]

Plan review processes can be cumbersome and complex for both local government agencies and developers. Read this brief to learn how an enterprise content management system can help you go paperless and simplify the process.