How Government Agencies Achieve Results in the Cloud

At the highest levels of government, cloud is deemed to be so mission-effective, it is to be the default choice in any IT acquisition, upgrade or migration.

In this report, Microsoft and Forbes Insights look at real success stories at various levels of government in the U.S. Through interviews with over a dozen senior executives from a range of government agencies, consultancies and technology providers, the report examines the efficiencies, advantages and insights these organizations have achieved via cloud deployment.

From the DoD to the City of Miami; from the FBI to the City of Oakland; from the State of Alabama to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services. All are success stories, providing examples of how cloud-based services can improve the performance and delivery of government services.

Moreover, in each instance, the agencies in question show in word and deed that they are now convinced of the promise of the cloud and that they are committed to expanding the breadth and depth of their cloud deployments.