Keeping IT in Shape

When many agencies become one, how does all the disparate data get organized? How can the newly formed, centralized agency maintain (and improve) its security and efficiency in the IT arena? This case study takes a look at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, an agency which grew out of several smaller agencies that merged together over time, and its use of Active Directory to optimize data recovery capabilities, increase security and make IT operations more efficient.

Optimizing the Hybrid Cloud for State and Local Government

Government is increasingly migrating to the hybrid cloud - 41 percent of surveyed leaders said hybrid was the best choice for their agency. Hybrid combines the best of the private and public cloud options, but it still has its challenges. Governments must be strategic in order to reap the biggest rewards from hybrid cloud. Read this issue brief to find out how.

Achieve a Smarter Technology Portfolio

Are you struggling to determine which technology projects and objectives best align with your agency's strategic plan? Learn how to develop your resource and budget allocation scenarios to achieve a more intelligent portfolio.

Optimizing the Hybrid Cloud

Government leaders are increasingly drawn to the hybrid cloud. It combines the best of both private and public clouds, enabling public sector agencies to reap maximum cost efficiency, scalability and flexibility. But hybrid cloud does have a few hurdles to overcome. Check out this infographic to see how best to address these challenges and optimize the hybrid cloud.

E-Signatures for Government Contracting

Government has achieved impressive examples of savings and efficiencies by going digital with e-contracting processes. However, many procurement processes are still executed on paper. All levels of government need to be able to exchange, negotiate and sign contracts without the costs and inefficiencies of paper. This eBook explains how.

GovTech Social Webcast: Content Moderation Guide

Content moderation is one of the most difficult aspects of managing public sector social media accounts. It's vital to have a process that enables you to properly respond to controversial content to mitigate any potential liability. This content moderation guide provides three tactics to effectively moderate content and an easy-to-adopt moderation framework created by Wake County, NC.

Whitepaper: Key Issues in Healthcare Compliance and Cost Containment

Managing healthcare compliance in the current regulatory environment is a legal and technical minefield that can be extraordinarily expensive and difficult to manage. From Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements, to outdated applications, to EMR disaster recovery mandates, to the specific compliance steps related to managing of medical image archives.

Whitepaper: Deciding on a Mix of Public and Private Clouds

Enterprise IT departments now manage a vast, complex array of on-premise, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructure. The question is no longer whether or not the cloud is capable of hosting enterprise-scale applications, but which applications are best suited to each environment and how to unify and integrate the overall IT architecture. To understand the considerations for private, public or hybrid cloud, read our Deciding on a Mix of Public and Private Clouds Whitepaper.

Need to Boost Economic Development? Invest in Your Network Infrastructure

New research identifies the vital role modern networks play in economic development and other strategic areas. Learn more in this white paper.

HP Security Research Cyber Risk Report 2015

With the 2015 Cyber Risk Report, HP's leading team of researchers and analysts give you deep insight into the cyber vulnerabilities facing your agency and recommendations to keep your network and data secure.

Breaking the Attack Lifecycle: A Guide by HP

Government faces a constant barrage of cyber attacks. This report provides insight into the cost of cybercrime, the cyber marketplace, and how you can break the attack lifecycle and better secure your agency.
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