Big Data, Big Promise

The possibilities of big data in the public sector are endless. With every passing hour, the goldmine of government data expands as information systems, sensors and networks churn out enormous volumes of data. Faced with this information overload, it’s easy for analysis paralysis to set in. But it doesn’t have to. By simply leveraging an existing asset, governments can yield insights that create dramatic cost efficiencies, improve employee productivity and constituent services, and even save lives.

How can your agency or jurisdiction take advantage of the big data explosion? Keep reading this special report — we’ll help you separate hype from reality, evaluate your options and develop a practical approach for participating in the big data revolution.

How Public Utilities Can Turn Information Silos into Information Grids

Download this paper to learn how public utilities can maximize their data by embracing data analytics and a common digital business platform.

Case Study: Simplifying Business Analytics for Complex Data

Sisense Analytics Brings Metric Visibility & Motivation to Iowa’s Premier Government Agency. Read how ICN uses BI to maximize performance.

Security in an All-IP World

As government agencies migrate to all-IP networks, they must ensure their cyber security strategies are able to keep up with evolving security threats. Download this guide to learn how government agencies can develop an effective security strategy in tandem with IP network migration.

Developing a Holistic Strategy for Migrating to an IP-enabled Network

Government agencies recognize the benefits of an IP-based network architecture, including greater network flexibility and improved citizen service delivery, yet many do not have a strategy in place to transition to a converged network. Download this guide and learn how states and government agencies are developing a strategic plan for migrating to an IP-enabled network.

Securing the Big Data Life Cycle

To derive real business value from big data, organizations need the right solution to capture and organize a wide variety of data types from different sources, the ability to analyze each type within the context of their enterprise data—and do it all securely.

Unified Identity Governance – A Business Overview

This white paper discusses how Oracle’s Identity Governance suite components work together to create a complete and converged identity governance process for the enterprise.

Cybersecurity Peace of Mind with Oracle & DLT Solutions

DLT and Oracle Security Services recognize the data security challenges government agencies face today.

Growing Government Cyber Intelligence

As traditional network perimeters surrounding data centers dissolve, agencies face enormous difficulties fending off attacks using a patchwork of traditional security tools to protect classified or personally identifiable information (PII).

Improve Privileged Account Management with Dell

Eliminate the "keys to the kingdom" problem with privileged account management software by Dell Software.

Increase your cybersecurity and protect your data with Dell

View Dell's Cybersecurity solutions and how they can keep your agency at the forefront of cyber attacks
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