Fueling Community Resiliency with ECM

Does your local government agency demonstrate resilience in the face of an emergency? It is essential for first responders and government officials to make real-time, on-scene decisions in response to an emergency situation, but accuracy, speed and efficiency are often limited by the information and analysis tools available. By utilizing mobile devises with access to an enterprise content management (ECM) system, information can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Learn how to implement an ECM system and increase your agency’s resiliency in this issue brief. 

Asset Management Made Easy

From real estate to personal property to vehicles and equipment – public agencies have a lot of assets to manage, most of which are handled by a variety of jurisdictions and departments. This infographic illustrates how governments can cohesively and strategically manage their most valuable assets.

The Importance of CJIS Compliance for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

How to Ensure Your Organization’s Data Doesn’t End Up in the Wrong Hands

Learn the Keys to WAN Success

Demand for WAN services in state and local government is poised for continued growth. State and local agencies need a strategy with the right blend of WAN solutions for highest levels of performance and reliability.

Replacing Legacy Networks

Improve your agency's business operations through a reliable network.

Scalable Solutions That Easily Connect Remote Locations

Learn how Junction City, KS government expanded their services.

Mobile Derived PIV/CAC Credential - a Complete Solution for NIST 800-157

The Entrust Mobile Derived Credential solution provides government agencies and contractors with a comprehensive, frictionless, and proven solution for placing Derived PIV Credentials onto mobile devices. Entrust Mobile Derived Credentials are easily accessed by employees and help harness the power of mobile as the new desktop by providing secure, anywhere anytime access to work files and systems.

Synthetic Identity Fraud: Can I Borrow your SSN? Who else may be using your Social Security Number, and why?

Synthetic identity fraud (SIF) is a fraud that involves the creation of a fictitious identity. This paper explains how it works and what the identities are being used for, identifies the industries being impacted and shows who is most commonly targeted and why.

Do more with less Efficient and effective tax and revenue solutions

With recent economic conditions, all levels of government are struggling to deliver the same level of services to citizens – and in a way that is cost effective.

Public Sector Organizations Benefit from FLASH Storage

This white paper examines leading strategies as demonstrated by several organizations. It also reviews the range of flash solutions that are proving useful for public sector organizations, including all-flash storage systems.

The Platform of Tomorrow

This Special Report exposes the next generation of innovation through the eyes of technology leaders and government IT decision-makers who provide unique insight into next steps for government.
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