Developing a Holistic Strategy for Migrating to an IP-enabled Network

Government agencies recognize the value of an IP-based network architecture and the benefits it brings, including greater network flexibility and improved citizen service delivery. Citizens and employees are seeking enhanced collaboration tools, which continue to drive the need for IP-enabled networks. Thirty-seven percent of government leaders report mobile applications, unified communications and Voice over IP (VoIP) as the leading technology trends that agencies plan to adopt over the next year. Yet 41 percent of agencies report not having a strategy in place to transition to a converged network.

This Policy Guide from Government Technology and AT&T assists states and government agencies in developing a strategic plan for migrating to an IP-enabled network. Insights include:

  • Industry trends driving adoption of IP-based services and associated benefits
  • Case studies from two government organizations in very different phases of network convergence
  • Best practices and thought leadership from public and private sector IT expert interviews

How to Hire and Retain the Right Employee for the Right Job [Issue Brief]

New talent solutions can help government agencies hire, develop and retain the right employees for the right jobs. Find out more in this issue brief.

Transforming Approaches to Cybersecurity in Government [Issue Brief]

A recent CDG survey found that while 45 percent of respondents said network security was the No.1 most important issue to their IT organization, 25 percent said they were either very unprepared or didn't know if they were prepared to shield themselves from advanced persistent threats and zero-day attacks. Download this issue brief to find out how a modern security architecture with network virtualization can protect your agency.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager and Threat Intelligence Exchange

As a part of the Intel® Security product offering, McAfee® Enterprise Security Manager and McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange work together to provide organizations with exactly what they need to fight advanced threats. You get the situational awareness, actionable intelligence, and instantaneous speed to immediately identify, respond to, and proactively neutralize threats in just milliseconds.

If You Haven't Moved to the Cloud, What are You Waiting For? [White Paper]

If your government agency hasn’t yet moved to the cloud or you have but would like to more fully leverage it, this paper provides a good starting point. Read on to find out how other government agencies are overcoming challenges and gaining organizational agility, cost savings and efficiency through their cloud applications.

Modernizing Outdated Enterprise IT Infrastructure: What You Need to Know

Government agencies are developing interactive websites, launching social media programs and introducing mobile applications. However, the robust enterprise IT infrastructure needed to support these new tools is often outdated or not easily scalable. This Special Report introduces a framework for organizing infrastructure and examining the impact of faulty or aging infrastructure on the government enterprise.

Talent Management in the Cloud [Issue Brief]

Recruiting and retaining talent has never been more important for state and local government agencies. Find out how cloud-based solutions can deliver modern recruiting and talent management capabilities while avoiding costly rip-and-replace overhauls of current human capital management platforms in this issue brief.

Succession Planning Toolkit, Part II: Turning the Dreaded Review into a Smart Succession Component

Evaluating competencies plays a key role in your ability to discover your high performers and leadership candidates—some of whom may be hiding in plain sight. How can something as simple as smarter competency evaluation lead to smarter succession planning?

Succession Planning Toolkit, Part III: Think Training, Not Talent

How can your agency build training and development opportunities to catapult leadership candidates to the next level—and build robust succession plans? Find out how in 5 easy steps.

Rethinking and Redefining eGovernment [Infographic]

Gain a better understanding of the key tenets of eGovernment and how they form a powerful and robust framework to lead government agencies confidently into the future in this infographic.

Analytics Paves the Way for Better Government

Read how the state of Indiana is applying data-driven insights to improve outcomes for citizens and make public sector performance more transparent. Managing state government requires best practices to allocate resources, deliver services to citizens, and build budgets that reflect elected leaders’ and citizens’ priorities.
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