Everything-as-a-Service and its Impact on the Future of Government

After Minnesota rolled out a cloud-based set of productivity tools that included instant messaging and video, growth among state agency users quadrupled and the number of cross-agency messages and videos increased by nearly 350,000 in just 2 years. In Ohio, the implementation of a private cloud infrastructure led to the migration of nearly 5,000 servers, which is expected to save the state more than $100 million. These are just two examples of the large-scale shift underway across the country where hardware infrastructure, platforms and software are being unbundled and moved out of government’s traditional area of operation. The effects of this shift, also known as everything-as-a-service, will be transformative in terms of costs, benefits and overall IT operations. Download CDG’s Annual Thought Leadership Paper to learn more about what this shift entails, the benefits it will bring and how CIOs can prepare for its impact.