Vision and Value of a Connected Government

Government is in the midst of a profound transformation, powered by innovative ideas and a commitment to do better. The new model puts citizens first and agencies out in front of needs – anticipating, personalizing, and delivering intelligent services when, where, and to whom they are needed. Download our white paper and find out how Salesforce is leading today's transformation.

Cisco Annual Security Report

Paying the Price for Gaps Between Defenders' Intent and Action: Despite advances by the security industry, criminals continue to break through security defenses. And attackers now realize that bigger and bolder attacks are not always better. New threat intelligence and trend analyses reveal how attackers take advantage of the gaps between the defenders' intent and action. Such lapses leave attackers free to conceal malicious activity, evade detection, and accomplish their mission.

Community Development and Regulatory Administration On the Go

Download this paper to learn how mobile technology, like the Infor Field Inspector for CDR Mobile App, can help by streamlining CDR processes in such a way that workers in the field can perform on-site inspections efficiently and transparently, saving time and enhancing service to citizens.

Connecting for the Way Government Works Today

Download this white paper to learn how public organizations of all sizes and types are considering cloud-based communications solutions to improve their efficiency, effectiveness and agility.

Social Media Policy Template for the Public Sector

Whether you are just starting out with social media or already have a broad portfolio of profiles, a solid policy is essential to protecting your agency. Download this complimentary social media policy template to help your public entity establish the necessary policies and procedures, and benefit from existing government best practices.

Simpler IT for More Agile Government

Download this issue brief to learn about three data center trends - virtualization and cloud, infrastructure as a service, and flexible infrastructure for application development - that are helping governments of all sizes achieve this goal and simplify their data center environment.

The Big Data Playbook for Government

In this Playbook, we provide you with the framework to bring big data to your agency. We'll break down big data into manageable components, and let you understand how to make big data a reality at your agency. Our playbook will serve as your roadmap for big data innovation, and provide step-by-step instructions to deploy big data strategies in your agency.

Forecasting the Cloud: 8 Ways the Technology is Changing Government

Today, everybody from government information technology officials to the president are talking about cloud computing, a technology that is revolutionizing the way federal, state and local governments operate. Whether they use public clouds, private clouds or a hybrid of the two, govies agree on one thing: Cloud is the way of the future.

Achieving a single view of the citizen with information management

This paper outlines the fundamental requirements needed to effectively create a single view of the citizen. It features Information Builders' integrity, integration, and intelligence solutions that can empower government agencies to tap into timely, vital citizen information from more than 300 sources both inside and outside the organization.

Improving Police Work and Public Safety with Body-Worn Cameras

Learn how the police force of Valdosta, Ga., utilizes body-worn cameras, in-car video and radios to lower crime, increase public safety and improve community relations.

Twit Happens: How to Deal with Tweet Regret in the Public Sector

Addressing social media mistakes, and recovering appropriately in order to protect your public entity and preserve your audience.
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