Conquering OS Deployment Challenges

For a variety of reasons, government agencies have lagged in making the move to Windows 7. The results in this report, The State of Windows 7 Migration in Government, represent the responses of IT leaders at federal, state and local agencies and highlight real and perceived migration challenges, satisfaction levels with the OS upgrade, as well preparing for the overall migration experience.

Leveraging Automation for Advanced Network Troubleshooting

In this paper, we’ll examine why network troubleshooting is so challenging and look at opportunities to improve incident response times with a divide and conquer strategy. We’ll address how automation can be applied to a traditional troubleshooting methodology for isolating the problem, gathering information, and automating the analysis of critical data.

Applying Automation to Maintain Accurate Network Diagrams

Download this white paper to discover how your team can escape the hours of time spent on outdated static Visio drawings by upgrading to Dynamic Mapping. After reading this whitepaper, you’ll have a stronger network game plan that will help you get ahead and stay ahead of your changing network.

5 Rules to Minimize Network Downtime

When the network goes down, every minute counts. Network outages cost enterprises $1.7B in lost revenue last year, and much of it could have been avoided. So what can you do to shorten, or even avoid, network outages altogether? Join our panel of network experts for this educational webcast where we'll reveal 10 rules to minimize both the time and likelihood of a network outage. We'll leverage NetBrain's map-driven automation software to showcase one solution for implementing these 10 rules.

Getting Smarter About Data

This special report highlights the current state of government data and shows how software is being used to leverage information in meaningful and intelligent ways. It also identifies risks and challenges that can reduce the effectiveness of data-driven solutions, and offers best practices to avoid potential roadblocks and ensure success.

Cisco 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report

Learn security industry insights and key findings taken from threat intelligence and the latest cybersecurity trends in the Cisco 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report.

Navigating the Cloud in the Public Sector

The cloud is not only here to stay, its impact is growing. As cloud-based solutions and capabilities expand, no function is left behind. From communications to procurement to human resources, available cloud services and solutions often prompt the agency to put new pressures on the IT function to "take us there."

A Roadmap for Successful Grants Management System Implementation in the Public Sector

Implementing a Grants Management System (GMS) will dramatically improve the efficiency, transparency and compliance of an organization, and will provide a great return on investment to taxpayers. However, the process can often be overwhelming, and all-too-often involves bending to meet the capabilities of the software, rather than making sure the software works within an organization’s unique structure.

4 Steps for Managing Secure Mobility

Not all government work happens behind a desk – from emergency services to maintenance crews, public sector employees are on the move. As such, local governments are deploying mobile technologies and tools; however, security and device management remain a concern. Download this paper to learn about four practical steps for evaluating mobile device management and security requirements.

Building Cloud Maturity in Government

Download this solution brief to learn about the benchmarks you can use to identify where you stand in relation to your vision for the cloud, where you want to be and a roadmap for getting there.

Cloud Services Jumpstart Procurement Modernization

Modern eProcurement solutions provide government agencies with comprehensive data to make more informed decisions, extend the reach of the ERP system to additional users and provide access to more advanced procurement capabilities. Download this paper to learn how to begin the journey to eProcurement success.