Boom! Pow! Kazam! Last week, Government Technology visited Comic-Con International in San Diego and met a barrage of superheroes and other interesting characters. There were brave men and women and a dragon (yes, a dragon) at the event, and we learned how they’d protect us from evil.

Aayla Secura, a Star Wars Jedi, kept it simple.

“I’d protect us with my light saber," she said. "And I would definitely make sure that we root out the evil from the good."

But others were more elaborate with their plans. Wonder Woman claimed she would use the power of the Internet to uphold our safety.

“I would travel through the wire… because everybody is accessible through the wire," she said, "and I would create this huge cyber bubble and put us all in this cyberbubble."

Superhero fights are prone to violence and tense situations, but that didn’t phase most of the heroes interviewed. Wolverine described in gritty detail how he’d dismember his opponent, and Riley Minor, an energetic young man, spoke of the powerful flames his pet dragon, Baby, would emit if necessary.

“We would do it with blazing fireballs and righteous fury!" Minor said. "It would be great!”

Colorful outfits and larger-than-life characters abounded, but it wasn’t all action-packed adventure and fun. At least one superhero felt taken for granted and wished government would compensate him for his efforts.

“The government really needs to focus their efforts on this, maybe reimburse the superheroes every once in a while," Wolverine said. "I really wouldn’t mind getting paid now and again, and maybe take a vacation."

Hilton Collins, Staff Writer
Hilton Collins  | 

Hilton Collins is a former staff writer for Government Technology and Emergency Management magazines.