May 95

State Project Description

Alaska Tracking System enables the Governor's

office to track appointments to boards and


Arizona Environmental Recycling Hotline provides

recycling information to citizens through a

toll-free telephone number.

Arkansas Department of Human Services developed

online system to improve Medicaid

processing. Health care providers file

Medicare forms electronically.

California Health and Welfare Agency developed a

system of kiosks. Users can gain information

on accessing state services, ranging from

ordering birth certificates to registering cars.

Colorado Department of Revenue developed kiosk

program. Provides 24 hour access to

government services and information on

recreation, law and business.

Delaware Division of Corporations developed

integrated imaging system to allow all

personnel to access corporate filings and

franchise tax requests directly from their


Florida Department of Revenue requires taxpayers

owing more than $50,000 to electronically

submit their tax payments and automatically

debits their bank accounts.

Florida Division of Worker's Compensation

implemented electronic reporting project.

Participating insurance companies transmit

the required information to the state over a

value added network.

Georgia Department of Administrative Services

developed satellite network and a two-way

virtual telecommunications network that will

consist of 200 distance-learning sites and 59

telemedicine hospitals/clinics.

Guam Government of Guam developed an

infrastructure information system using a

GIS designed to assist customers and

government agencies in improving the

permitting process.

Hawaii Developed online information network to

increase access to information from the

public and private sectors.

Illinois Department of Central Management Services

developed integrated imaging system in

which job applications and resumes are

scanned into a central system. State agencies

can then query the database by job type,

education, and job skills.

Indiana Developing a geographic information

application for enhancing economic

development. A road design and truck route

module allows planners to develop highway

routes in the most efficient manner while

ensuring that they are highly accessible to


Iowa Employment Services offers Iowa Employers

the opportunity to file tax reports for

unemployment insurance electronically.

Iowa Employment Services offers Iowa Employers

the opportunity to file crossmatch of

earnings reports for unemployment

insurance electronically.

Iowa Employment Services is utilizing imaging

technology for record retention and

automated workflow in the unemployment

insurance claims area.

Iowa Developed kiosk system to supply

information on jobs, recreation, state government, recycling, retirement, cars and

drivers, college aid and education, and civil


Iowa Using voice response technology and direct

deposit transfer of funds in the

unemployment insurance claims industry.

Iowa Office of the Governor developed fiber optic

communication network to control costs and

offer more effective and efficient services to

its citizens.

Iowa Developed a statewide interactive

telecommunications network. Provides voice,

video, and data services to schools, colleges

and universities, hospitals and physician

clinics, libraries, and state and federal


Kansas Governor's Office installed an image system

to better manage and respond to the 250

pieces of mail the Governor receives daily.

Kentucky Department of Information Systems

developed interactive video system. Initial

efforts involve the higher education

community focused on distance learning

with applications for elementary and

secondary education, health care, economic

development and other state agencies that

have a need for interactive video.

Kentucky Kentucky developed a system using artificial

intelligence technology to make the

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