bank examination process more efficient. The

system captures the skills of the best

examiners in a knowledge base and makes

their expertise available to all examiners.

Kentucky Developed a statewide videotext system for

disseminating information about the

activities of state agencies for access and

retrieval by citizens, government, business

and libraries.

Kentucky Department of Travel Development

developed an electronic billboard system to

provide information to tourists on lodging,

state attractions, and other travel data.

Louisiana Developed a telemedicine project designed to

provide medical care to remote sites using

telecommunications equipment.

Maryland Department of Budget and Fiscal Planning is

leading a statewide initiative to redesign the

state's financial management information


Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional

Services is constructing a central booking

facility to process all adults arrested in

Baltimore in a highly accurate and efficient


Maryland Office of the Comptroller is developing a

system that scans state income tax forms

into a computer and converts the

information to text.

Maryland Office of Planning, in cooperation with other

state agencies, is implementing a statewide

GIS strategy.

Maryland Implemented a EBT program in 1992. Food

stamps and cash benefits are transferred to

a recipients "smart card."

Massachusetts Executive Office for Administration and

Finance is leading the development of a

database system that integrates the state

data system, using storage and retrieval


Massachusetts Department of Revenue developed a

telephone voice response system to deliver

better child support information to its


Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

implemented an electronic reporting project

to streamline transporter compliance with

monthly operating reports.

Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

developed an integrated network to better

manage the state's natural resources.

Massachusetts Department of Revenue instituted an

electronic funds transfer pilot project in

1992. The project allows corporate tax

withholdings to be filed electronically with

the state.

Massachusetts Department of Social Services developed an

automated computer tracking system that

contains information on 5,000 children for

whom the state is seeking adoptive parents.

In the future, the state will use the system

to match children with prospective parents.

Massachusetts Department of Revenue developed an

automated system to enforce child support

obligations. The system automatically

garnishes wages, deducts funds from bank

accounts, and intercepts government


Michigan A new council has been created that will

distribute funds to schools to enhance

distance learning capabilities.

Michigan Michigan Administrative Information

Network will be an innovative financial

management system that will link

accounting, personnel, purchasing, contract

administration, inventory management and

other processes.

Michigan Michigan will initiate a cable access

programming channel to inform citizens

about the activities of state government.

Michigan In the process of selecting a vendor to

manage its process of acquiring, installing

and maintaining personal computers as well

as related software, peripherals, and


Michigan Has begun the process of consolidating its 19

state government voice and data networks

into one ubiquitous system.

Michigan In the process of rightsizing their 15 data

centers by consolidating 10 centers into two

centers and by outsourcing the remaining

five facilities.

Michigan A centralized system operated in

conjunction with the state travel bureau will

provide an 800 number service for

campground reservations.

Michigan Existing state hunting and fishing licensing

system is being replaced

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