with a highly

automated system.

Michigan Department of Management and Budget

developed programs that will automate

eligibility and case management for all public

assistance cases.

Michigan Developing an electronic benefits capability

that will include WIC and other public

assistance benefits as well as the ability to

pay Medicaid providers.

Minnesota Created an online Children's Services Report

Card to improve state planning. The Report

Card measures how a community's children

are faring.

Mississippi Department of Human Services developed an

interactive instructional television program

aimed at reducing adult illiteracy.

Mississippi System being implemented statewide in

county health departments designed to

provide automation of certain clinic office

functions as well as to collect data.

Missouri Developing an Internet-accessible

multimedia system designed as a marketing

tool for the state's department of economic

development. Offers a desktop window to

Missouri's economic development


Montana Several state agencies, in cooperation with

Montana State University, worked together

to design a statewide drought monitoring

system incorporating a GIS.

Nebraska Boards and commissions system allows the

appointments officer and staff to record

boards and commissions information as well

as applicant and member information.

New Hampshire State Police are developing a digital

communication system designed to improve

law enforcement capabilities by allowing

vehicles to transmit data over the same lines

as voice information.

New Jersey Department of Corrections tele-response

services employ inmates at the Edna Mahan

Correctional Facility for Women to response

to telephone requests on behalf of the New

Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism.

New Jersey Department of Commerce and Economic

Development developed online database to

match vendors with buyers for contracting


New Jersey Developed a kiosk system designed to

provide citizens with job openings and

career information, training resources,

information on day-care providers and

information on Department of Labor


New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and

Energy developed a GIS to help protect the

state's natural resources and public health.

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and

Energy and the Department of Law and

Public Safety, Division of Law are jointly

developing an imaging system to provide

ready access to documents pertinent to the

disposal of hazardous waste.

New Jersey Environmental Protection and the New

Jersey Aquarium produced an interactive

educational video game on water pollution.

New Jersey Developed a database of Right-to-Know

chemical inventory information that can be

quickly accessed by emergency responders,

government agencies and the public.

New Jersey A touch screen kiosk gives the public access

to current air quality information.

New Jersey Department of Health is taking existing

databases/forms collected during hospital

admission for the birth of a child and

combines them into one unified collection,

data entry and data transmission system.

New Jersey Developed a PC-based GIS to improve health

care delivery services.

New Jersey Developed an eligibility determination and

benefit issuance system using plastic access

cards and electronic benefit transfer


New Jersey Developed interactive videoconferencing

approach to delivering nutrition education to

recipients of food and nutrition programs.

New Jersey Department of Health and Assessment

Systems implemented an electronic testing

and licensing system which provides

immediate licensing capability.

New Jersey Department of Labor developed a resource

network to identify, market, and coordinate

programs available to employers, address

workforce concerns, and establish

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